I’ve had many yummy experiences since my last update, after which finals kicked in and I transferred job locations. Consequently, I let my blogging fall off the face of the earth. Working 40+ hours a week has also thrown a wrench in my daily internet browsing, and at 10p.m., when I get off work, I just want to eat, drain my mind of all thought, and sleep. That hasn’t stopped my picture-taking, however. Today, in fact, I spent a good sum of my hard-earned paycheck on a shopping excursion, which included eating and shopping for food, naturally.

My beau and I stopped first at Suburban Square because he desperately needed a new pair of flip flops. We stopped at J. Crew, where I treated him to a pair of sandy-colored Rainbows. The Urban Outfitters across the way had the backpack I’ve been eyeing up for ages, and I couldn’t resist the chance to pick it up. It’s definitely time for me to combine style with functionality–walking across university with four books lopped on one shoulder is very much in my past. I also bought a pair of sunglasses, seeing as my last pair was washed away by the ocean tide in 2008. My step-mom, Kelly, thinks they look like bug eyes, and I slightly agree. I like them even so.

One-hundred and forty dollars later, we left Suburban Square for P.F. Chang’s, which was completely out of the way. I was starving by the time we got there, and promptly ordered their Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Our waitress was one of my sister’s best friends, a girl I’ve known my whole life, and it was funny but also very nice to have the chance to talk to her.

Due to my extreme hunger, I decided to forego any picture-taking, though I can attest to the deliciousness of our meals. I ordered the Coconut Curry Vegetables, and Jay got the Kung Pao Chicken. My favorite part of my dish was the tofu, which they always cook expertly. The curry itself was a bit too peanut-y and mild for me, but I ate it, nonetheless. Jay’s chicken came with little-to-no sauce, which probably disappointed me more than him. I think next time, I’d try their Honey Shrimp or Budda’s Feast.

After lunch/dinner (linner?), we drove across the parking lot to Ruby’s Diner, where my sister, Megan, works as a hostess and fountain girl–she is an expert milkshake maker. She was in the back eating a mozzarella stick, so it took her a bit to come greet us, before which several other hostesses asked us “Table for two?” When Megan finally arrived at the front of the store, we stood there and chatted awkwardly for a bit, and then left.

The Fresh Market is also in that shopping center, so of course I had to drag Jay into the store. It’s a beautiful store, though I had a tough time navigating, probably because I’ve only been once before. We browsed the aisles, and Jay spotted a 64 oz Naked Juice. It was the first time we’d both seen Naked Juice in that size, so he very happily picked up a Blue Machine. I discovered some lovely rolled oats, which were on sale–two for three dollars! And then I stumbled across…an Olde Style Almond Butter Maker!

I cannot tell you how pleased I was. Dry roasted almond butter that I can literally make right then and there? Yes, please. I probably said, “Oh my god this is so cool!” about four times before I finally grabbed a small container and made my own little batch.

My very own almond butter!!! So exciting. We passed their granola/nuts section on the way towards the register, and I couldn’t pass up their Granola Breakup Oats & Honey, which contained one of my favorites, pumpkin seeds.

I was so excited about my purchases that I decided to set up a little still life when we got home. The apple, pear, and nuts were added for a more interesting composition.

Check out the detail on that peanut!

The red and green of the fruits really make this picture. All photos were taken on my boyfriend’s Droid. Sometimes I think his camera phone quality is better than my outdated FujiFilm, which tends to flash on everything or otherwise leave things blurry. Sigh. It was a very successful Saturday. Jay finished his 64 oz Naked Juice in about two days, and I blew through the almond butter like it was nobody’s business. I’m half way through the first container of oats, and only a quarter of the granola remains. The granola doesn’t compare to Whole Foods granola containers, but it’s still much better than the boxed kind. Overall, I was extremely pleased with my purchases, though my wallet was not!

What excites you about grocery shopping? What’s your favorite food store?


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