Welcome to my first What I Ate Wednesday!

Today, I finished the last of my homemade almond butter. I literally scraped the sides of the container with a knife, spoon, and then a spatula. It is a sad day.

Breakfast was delicious, even so. There was just enough almond butter left to cover my Food for Life English Muffin. I used to be a hardcore loyalist of the Thomas Original Nooks & Crannies, but since trying this sprouted brand, there’s no turning back. Nineteen grains and seeds, no added sugar, no flour, and a moist, nutty taste? I was sold at the first bite.

After breakfast, I meandered a bit, read blogs, made the kids lunch, and found the perfect recipe for my lunch. I wanted to use spinach, and eggs, and a scramble seemed just too obvious. So I searched “spinach” on Smitten Kitchen. The results included one of my favorite foods, quiche! I don’t like the dry, microwaved kind that you’ll oftentimes get at some coffee shops, though to be honest, I’ve never had homemade quiche; it was the perfect opportunity. We had frozen spinach, eggs, cheese, and a few random frozen puff pastries. Destiny beckoned me to follow the light.

You see, it’s very rare that I find all the ingredients for a new recipe in our kitchen. By “our,” I mean my family, which includes my Dad, Kelly (stepmom), and my siblings, Megan, Ryan, Madison, and Kara. There’s quite a few of us. My parents are very busy with jobs and three young kids, ages 11, 9, and 5. This leaves little to no time for them to cook, and its rare that we have a sit down dinner anymore.

Cooking, in my family, usually means microwaved Easy-Mac, chicken nuggets, and sometimes microwaved peas for the three young ones, and some sort of sandwich for my parents. My twin sister Megan and I usually fend for ourselves. I don’t mind this set up, as it gives me the freedom to choose what I want for dinner and include important food groups such as vegetables, but I would love to teach to my younger siblings the importance and downright deliciousness of unadulterated, whole foods.

Mashed potatoes shouldn’t come as “dehydrated potato flakes” in a box, nor should calorie-free “butter spray” be used to replace the real thing. Sure, real butter contains fat and salt, but when used in moderation, it helps your body absorb certain nutrients and it tastes much better than that plastic stuff. I’m not telling you to dip your fingers into the jar of butter like I did when I was three. I’m just saying that in moderation, it can be good for you.

I would love to cook nutritious meals for my family. Fruit and vegetables would be plentiful, and instead of Easy-Mac, we’d be eating whole grains, lean means and beans (or tofu if my entire family didn’t think it was disgusting). And I swear, it would taste good. I enjoy yummy, nutrient-dense food, and throughout the past six months, I have learned the value of cooking for yourself and others. (Thank you, bubbaloo, for allowing me to make you blueberry pancakes three weeks in a row). There is no replacement for handed-down recipes or the time it takes to cook a nutritious meal. There is so much more value in putting forth effort in how you cook and what you eat, than any boxed item can replicate.

My cousin Allison brought some friends to my Grandmother’s house for dinner recently, and they couldn’t believe that she made real mashed potatoes and homemade strawberry pie. It shouldn’t be like this. We shouldn’t constantly choose convenience over health. It isn’t fair to future generations, and more importantly, it isn’t fair to ourselves.

I am now stepping down from my soap box.

Back to the quiche. I followed a Martha Steward recipe, as listed on Smitten Kitchen. It didn’t take long to make, and the results were divine. I’ll have a recipe and more pictures up tomorrow. As I waited for the quiche to bake, I chopped up a carrot and mixed equal parts hummus and balsamic vinaigrette. I think that if I continue to eat carrots like I have been, I’m going to turn into one.


After lunch, I went for a walk to take a much needed break from the computer, and to clear my head. I find walks very relaxing and wholesome. I always feel like I’m doing something good for my mind, body, soul when I walk.

While I walked, I listened to The Avett Brothers, and they reminded me why I love music so much. I’d write more on that, but this post is getting long-winded already.

By the time I got home, it was around 4:15, and I made a quick run to Trader Joe’s to pick up some ingredients for tonight’s dinner; burrito bowls!

Of course, I couldn’t just settle on guacamole…

Twenty-two dollars later, I rushed home to start prepping dinner, but I was ravenous. So I opened the guac, and paired it with some multigrain chips for a quick snack.

For dinner, I started with boiling the rice, and finished with the help of my wonderful Bubbaloo.

Lettuce, rice, and beans, topped with cheese, sauteed veggies, and Trader Joe’s Spicy Pico de Gallo Guacamole, which was totally worth the splurge! (I realized, when I got to Trader Joe’s, that the avocado I bought wouldn’t be ripe in time for dinner :p)

The bowls were delicious, and surprisingly filling! Of course, Jay and my Dad both could’ve eaten another helping or two; I, on the other hand, struggled with feeling full for the next hour. Jay reminded me that it wasn’t the end of the world, that eventually I would feel fine, and eventually…well, I did. During that hour though, I think my biggest fear was that I’d be full forever, that I’d let the discomfort and the urge to purge get the best of me, that I’d start the awful cycle again. Thirty days, yes, but with a lifetime to go. I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of friends, family, and my biggest support, Bubbaloo.

After making him sit through the latest episode of The Big C, at around 10p.m., he went home. Megan decided it was a good idea to watch most recent True Blood, and through the middle of the show, I was hungry again!

I chose a plain Chobani with a drizzle of honey and some dried cherries.

My first What I Ate Wednesday was quite a bit of work! I took over one-hundred pictures, and had to change my camera batteries! The results were worth it, though; a picturesque, thought-filled day in my life through food!



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2 responses to “WIAW.

  1. Hey love! Nice to "meet" ya! =) I added your blog to the link party for you on my blog, here is a little more info on WIAW: http://www.peasandcrayons.com/p/wiaw.htmlI didn't know TJs made a pico guac! That sounds so awesome! =) def adding it to my list for my next TJ road trip! xoxo

  2. Hi! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for adding me! WIAW's are so much fun to read. & yes, the guac was delicious, but spicy! I think some of TJ's products are regional, but you would find it in the prepared dips section. I definitely recommend it! 🙂

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