Jenny and me was like peas and carrots.

Today was the first day out of the past three that I didn’t wake up tired! I even jumped out of bed because my Dad was running out the door and Kara needed me. In other words, she was crying, devastated, because Madison got to with Daddy to a doctor’s appointment and she had to stay home with Kait-Kait, i.e., me. I finally got her to stand up and stop crying, and together we made her bed, very neatly, in fact. She did a good job.

By the time I made her toast, she was almost completely better. I settled on some lemon water and found a lovely spot to take pictures. The early morning sunlight was shining through the back door, through the back of the chair, and then, through my lemon water.

I decided on a blueberry Chobani for breakfast, with 1 tbs. ground flax and some dried cherries. The sugar content of this breakfast was a little too much for me. Those cherries were so sweet! I think next time I’d add them to plain yogurt, and cut the amount of cherries I used in half.

For the rest of the morning, Ryan lounged around until I finally yelled at him to read. Kara helped me make cookies, which none of my family will help me eat. Cherries and oatmeal…in a cookie! That’s not a cookie… So, while they loved Mama Pea’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls, they did not appreciate her Anytime Cookies, though they are quite yummy, just not in a sugar-high way. I’m already predicting that they’ll become a staple on rushed mornings once school starts.

For lunch, I used some leftover quinoa and placed it atop a salad of iceberg lettuce, chopped onion, carrot, celery, and diced tomatoes. On the napkin is an Anytime Cookie.

For the dressing, I combined 1 oz. fresh goat cheese, with 1 tbs. olive oil, 1 tbs. white wine vinegar, 1/2 tsp. honey, 1/2 tsp. dijon mustard, and sea salt. I was quite pleased, as I usually just throw together oil and vinegar and call it fully dressed, which is not always the case.

Kara and I traipsed to the pool around 1p.m., and I even got in the big pool with her. We swam for a bit until I got skeeved out, which didn’t take long. When she asked to use the bathroom, the horribly unkept, disgusting, gross gross bathroom, I almost told her to pee on the grass. She would’ve made me go with her, anyway. She’s a very persuasive five-year-old.

We lasted an hour and a half, by which point she was bored and cold. Also, some bees were floating around and the memory of getting stung only last week is still very clear in her mind. So we went home, and I whipped up a snack of celery sticks and almond butter. Not pictured were two more Anytime Cookies.

I was actually quite full after my snack, so I was grateful to Jay for making a later dinner. Following Uncie’s recipe, he made some delicious Mac N’ Cheese with a side of carrots and peas. He also bought me roses. I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world.

Around 10:30, I was in the mood for pistachio gelato, but since all the ice cream places in Media were closed, Jay and I went to the supermarket and searched high and low for pistachio gelato. Breyers didn’t have it, Turkey Hill didn’t have it, even the fancy gelato pints didn’t come in the flavor pistachio. Sea salted caramel but no pistachio? What is this world coming to?

So when I did spot a strange brand of “Simply Enjoy Pistachio Gelato,” I threw my hands up and did a little shout. I grabbed it with no regards to the price or ingredients, ecstatic. Only later in the car did I realize it was made of corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils. I gave it a shot anyway, but with dismal results. The gelato base was shockingly sweet and the pistachios were whole, and soggy. I was happy that there were no artificial colorings, but this brand did not deliver at all in terms of texture and taste. I think I’ll have to order a pint from our local Italian gelateria next time.

Overall, a wonderful What I Ate Wednesday. In the future, I’ll just have to prepare in advance for random gelato cravings after business hours!



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2 responses to “Jenny and me was like peas and carrots.

  1. Sorry about your gelato! Mac n cheese looks super good though. Your pics are all beautiful, especially those roses 🙂

  2. thanks! the roses were beautiful!

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