Weekend Woes.

Over the weekend, Jay and I dined at Mad Mex, an Americanized Mexican joint that caters specifically to the college crowd. I could tell from the moment we walked in just how much influence UPenn had on this singular restaurant; a table of jocks, so to speak, sat outside wearing obnoxious purple jerseys; inside, a member of the Wharton business club blasted awful rap music from a boombox on her shoulder, as she alternated between giving passerby sour looks and taking massive gulps from her beer. Classy, classy.

And I know I’m considered to be part of their generation. I’m in my early twenties, and I’m in college…but I think the similarities end there. I was truly, truly embarrassed for the crowds of obnoxious students we passed. And embarrassed by them. I know it’s a college-friendly restaurant, but really? Really? I’m just saying, it would be nice to enjoy some food without a frat party sitting two tables away.

Onto the service. I don’t know if she was high. I don’t know if she was drunk. All I know is that she was the slowest, and the WORST waitress I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing. Jay and I seriously considered leaving without paying; it took her that long to address us. And to her further discredit, she only addressed us because her manager just so happened to notice that we were done and finished with our meals. He unfortunately also noticed that the balance book was filled with cash. My cash. And he promptly took it from the table.

I ordered their Namesake Burrito with chicken. It contained rice, beans, and chicken. In a soggy flour tortilla. And that’s it. The burrito was really bland, boring, and I wouldn’t order it ever again. I don’t think it was me, really. I’m not much of a burrito person to begin with, but I was excited when the menus said that Lady Gaga traded in her meat dress for a string bikini made out of this burrito. If Lady Gaga wore it, it must taste good, right? Right?

Jay got the Pork Carnitas Burrito, which was served with blue cornbread. Except, the cornbread wasn’t really blue. It was gray. Jay said his burrito was pretty good, so I’m glad that at least he got a good meal out of it. Maybe next time I should just get enchiladas, or something with vegetables. I don’t know. My dad always says that Mexican food is the same basic ingredients just tossed together differently, and it’s kind of true. I don’t know if Mad Mex steps it up with their other entrees, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to find out when I can make a decent burrito bowl myself.

My bubbaloo had the best intentions. And I had the best time with him. Maybe I should give Mad Mex another shot? Maybe I shouldn’t diss my boo’s favorite restaurant? And maybe, but also probably, I should accept the experience for what it was, I should move on, and remember that sometimes, most of the times, going out with the ones you love should be about being with them. Going out to eat should be about having a good time with your company, not with your food. Food should be there only to heighten the experience, not to fulfill it, not to be the focus of it. Because with great company, great taste comes second; with the one you love most, great food isn’t even necessary. It’s just an added plus.



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2 responses to “Weekend Woes.

  1. cheese+meat+sour cream+guac+beans+veggies wrapped up/placed in a starch= Mexican food.

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