Finally Employed!!!!!

I applied to the Whole Foods in Devon in mid July. About two weeks later they called me back and requested an interview, and then a follow-up interview. After (apparently) succeeding in both, they called to offer me a position! I started today. And I’m so excited.

I can’t tell you how happy I am — working at Whole Foods is essentially a food blogger’s dream come true, at least in my opinion. We, a group of about six new employees, started the day very early, and took a tour around the facility. The Devon location recently underwent renovations and revamped it’s speciality and dairy sections; they’re beautiful. The specialty section offers about three-hundred different types of cheese, fair-trade coffee, fresh pasta made daily, an olive bar, and more goodies than you could ever dream of. In the produce section, they offer honeydew nectarines, and apricot mangos….I’m not kidding. The salad bar will soon be entirely organic and the vegan chocolate chip cookies are to die for. Also, my fellow coworkers all seem to be very welcoming and involved in the store. It seems thus far (and hopefully forever!) to be a very happy place to work.

Throughout the orientation, we learned about organic foods, the difference between organic and natural, the ANDI scale, employee benefits, Whole Food’s Quality Standards, etc. I also received my apron, name tag, and shoes!

Yay! So official! My name tag has blueberries on it! 🙂 We also got free basil. Random, I know…but it was locally grown, and free!

Such a big/beautiful bunch!

After the morning session, we were given lunch passes for free roam of the store! I made the most of my ten dollars:

A lunch entirely from the hot bar, because it’s absolutely freezing in there! Spicy tofu over brown rice, and some carrot-ginger soup. Delicious.

I topped off my lunch with a freshly baked vegan chocolate chip cookie!

After lunch, we broke into groups and basically did an scavenger hunt throughout the store. There were specific items we had to put in a grocery cart, and we had to gather product information from each department! I actually thought it was quite fun. I collected items from the homeopathy and grocery departments. We also checked specific ANDI scores as listed on the produce and received help from current employees! It was a really involved way of learning the layout of the store, and getting to know some of our fellow employees. Overall, I was very pleased with my first day. I learned a lot, and I know that Whole Foods isn’t your average, run of the mill, supermarket. The atmosphere is so helpful and welcoming and I think it’ll be a great place to work. My first day working as a cashier is supposed to be Sunday; with the hurricane coming, I hope I can make it!



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3 responses to “Finally Employed!!!!!

  1. beckafly

    Congrats on your job at Whole Foods! I'd have trouble working there, I'd see too many things I want to try and accidently spend a paycheck working there one day. Hope the storm doesn't stop your first day on Sunday!

  2. Thank you! And it was very hard to restrain myself from grocery shopping after orientation haha. I wanted to buy all the back to school goodies! 🙂

  3. recoveringfree

    Whole foods sounds like GreenStar Co-op. It features organic, local produce around here 🙂 It always smells so good in there but unfortunatly I have to limit my stops…it's expensive 😦

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