Some Firsts.

So, I think it’s safe to say I missed it. The WIAW party train, that is. I even took pictures on Wednesday, promise, I just didn’t have the time/energy to post. This seems to be a recurring theme, and I’m guessing it will be, since I started both school and work in the past week.

Wednesday was my first day of school, and I woke up slightly nervous. I showered and dressed, and made it to the first break of the morning, which was also pretty fast:

Maranatha Cashew Butter + Crofter’s Superfruit Spread on Great Harvest Dakota Bread. Name-drop much? You can tell how early it was because of the terrible lighting, (which is also regretfully in part due to my lackluster camera).

My first class, Astronomy, was interesting, to say the least. To put it this way: I found my post-class snack much more interesting than syllabus details:

Lifeway Vanilla Biokefir + Kashi Honey Almond Flax + Blueberries.

My second class was cancelled, so I drove around looking for a dance shop to supply me with a leotard and pink tights (ballet class, a requirement!), but I only found one that catered to ages ten and below. I decided to drive to Whole Foods early and have lunch before work:

Some chipotle squash + teriyaki tofu. I also had some asparagus salad, steamed kale and cabbage on my plate, but I saved it for dinner, by which time I was moaning and sweaty from pushing carts in long pants. I don’t have the right shoes yet, so my feet ached, literally ached after being on them for four hours.
Dinner consisted of:

A field greens salad with feta, cabbage, steamed kale, and asparagus salad. I also had a nectarine and two thawed, homemade chocolate banana cookies:

Probably the most moist (can I say that?) cookie you will ever eat.
Check with Mama Pea for the recipe.

I pushed some more carts, sobbed a bit, and then went back to pushing carts. I’ll spare you the details, but be forewarned: during my second break, I bought ice cream, or something very similar.

After my break, I pushed carts. Did I mention that I push a lot of carts? And that they’re more than half my height? And that I have a very short arm span?
I know that pushing carts won’t be my job forever, and I know that, as a cashier-in-training, I am at the bottom of the chain, etc. But those eight hours were quite painful. Quite painful — it bears repeating.

When I finally arrived home around 10 p.m., I took a long, scalding hot bath to relieve the tension in my feet. And then I grabbed my beautiful second-break discovery, pistachio gelato, and spooned myself a big bowl. Or mug. Whatever.

Unlike my last store-bought gelato experience, this brand, Ciao Bella, was delicious. It was creamy, savory, indulgent, perfect. The perfect end to a stress-filled day.



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2 responses to “Some Firsts.

  1. Sara

    I love your blog. I myself am in recovery from an eating disorder and share your desire to respond to my body’s needs and use food as a source of strength and renewal for the body instead of a coping mechanism. I am inspired by your ability to speak candidly on such a difficult topic. I love your blog. Please keep posting!

  2. Thank you so much! I’m glad to know that this blog is reaching other people. Your comment gives me even more reason to post, which is what I plan to do 🙂

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