WIAW – on time!

I promised myself last week that I would deliver my WIAW post for this week on time, and here it is! On time! This is good. This is really good. I started my day off in a hurry, anticipating traffic from both the rain and newly implemented school zones.

Back to school, babies! Ry and Mad rockin’ their St. Mary’s uniforms. Ryan about to fall asleep, but still looking 10 times tanner that I ever will be. I know, man. I know. 8 am can be tough.

I ending up breakfasting in the car, because I hit the snooze button a few times too many.

Overnight oats consisting of 1/3 cup oat bran, Lifeway Vanilla Biokefir, 1/2 tbs. ground flax, and topped with blueberries! Sitting right next to my clutch. I do not advise eating this in the car. It can be hazardous.

Despite hurrying and even eating brekki in the car, I was still late. Not super late, but my name had already been called during attendance. However, my ballet professor caught me walking in, and added me to the “present” list. Phew. We stretched, tondued, plied, and jumped our way through class. I loved every second of it, especially in my new digs; I bought a new leotard and tights over the weekend so I wouldn’t be squeezing into ages-old dancewear.

After class, I was a bit shaky, so I munched on this little red delicious guy.

I blogged around a bit after class instead of reading the assignment for my next class. I still kept up with the material pretty well. We’re covering the history of Israel, which is pretty interesting, even though I’m not very religious. I’ve heard the names Abraham, Samson, King David, etc., but never really knew what they stood for. And learning the foundation of the Bible really does interest me from a historical standpoint.

After class, I headed out to grab lunch at the Great Harvest in Wayne. They must’ve known that I pay tribute to them every day by reading Kath’s blog, because THEY GAVE ME A FREE LOAF OF BREAD!!! I kid you not. While I was paying for my sandwich, the girl at the counter asked me if I wanted a free loaf of their Oregon Herb bread…hello, of course!

So while I ate this deliciousness,

Harvest Veggie sandwich made with fire roasted red peppers and onions, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled eggplant, hummus and balsamic on their Parmesan Pesto bread. Delicious. Paired with a coffee because I’ve been lagging all day.

I wondered what I must’ve done good or right to grant me such great karma! Maybe they just weren’t selling well, or maybe it’s not a popular flavor. Either way, that free loaf made my day! I can’t wait to try it!

“Isn’t she beautiful?” – Hagrid

After my wonderful lunch, I headed to the doctors for a routine physical. This type of visit is actually unusual for me. I usually go for “follow-ups,” in which my doctor asks about my eating disorder, checks my weight, vitals, etc. That sort of thing. So even though we did talk about my eating disorder and how I’m doing, I felt almost…comforted by not being on the other side, when doctors visits meant bad news and guilt. I am very lucky to have such a great doctor. She specializes in eating disorders, and I believe that if she didn’t plan to 302 me last November, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In many ways, she saved my life. By taking that responsibility from me, that choice, she kept me from so much pain.

Several hours after lunch, I felt slightly hungry, and settled on this guy:

There’s nothing like a good grapefruit. Sweet sour perfection.

I slept a bit, got ready for work, and then left myself just ten minutes to scarf down dinner.

A salad of iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, green peppers, and tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette. Thank goodness for pre-chopped veggies!

 At work, I listened as R instructed me how to work the registers, how to do a produce walk, etc, etc. I paid attention until nine o’ clock, and then my brain shut off. To keep me going throughout the training, I popped some wonderful dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Like espresso, but better.

When I got home around ten, yes 10pm, past what should be my bed time, I was hungry for more. As in more oatmeal.

Oat bran topped with Justin’s Maple, honey, and cinnamon. Eaten by the light of the moon.

It was a glorious day of eats, and I am finally, finally on time. Yum.



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2 responses to “WIAW – on time!

  1. Yeyy! You got it all on time! Your bro and sis (right?) look adorable. Back to school photos for the win.

    That’s so cool that you’re on the other end this time..I can’t wait to not go to doctors and be looked at with grave faces. I wish I had an inspiring doctor that helped me out by sending me inpatient. It was the hospital social worker…and I feel in someways it ruined me rather than helped me out.

    I’d be sad if you ever lapsed back into restriction…I’d miss perusing your eats :c

  2. Haha yes, my siblings. They’re so cute!

    And it’s kinda funny, everyone at the drs. office knows me now, but instead of shying away from them now, I say hi and smile. It’s so different. At the time that I went inpatient, me and my doctor were not on very good terms. She would look at me like I was about to drop dead. But I guess it was her job to be serious, when I knew but wouldn’t admit that it was.

    Social workers suck. I met with one once and it was just scary and awful. I really hope you can get through to those grave faces until they start to smile. You deserve every bit of recovery, and I know you can get 100% there. I can tell just from your blog, and those wonderful breakfasts you make! Ollie would be proud. Serious.

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