Coffee Drink Friday.

Today I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.

Warm, frothy, cinnamony goodness. I believe this winding-down from the school week routine will become permanent. I declare this day to be Coffee Drink Friday, the early fall edition. 



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2 responses to “Coffee Drink Friday.

  1. I maintain that DD’s is better, and I will be over there drinking that sucker just as soon as I can >:D

  2. haha it’s worth it! i’ve been trying since last night to comment on your most recent post but it isn’t working! so here’s my comment anyway:

    Katie, my sincerest apologies if you’ve ever felt judged by my comments! My intention was never to harm you, though I can’t say I’m completely unbiased (insert years of nutrition counseling combined with my own struggles).
    But you’re completely right, light ice cream can definitely be a guilty pleasure! My stepmom, for instance, has two servings of skinny cow a day haha. And then maybe another. One thing that makes me super frustrated about my own recovery is when someone picks at me because I like to eat healthy things…Instead of saying, wow, that’s really nutritious! They’ll say…oatmeal again? Shouldn’t you be eating a bacon egg and cheese, like me?

    So many judgements go into comments on what people eat. The truth is that unless you’re saying, “Wow, that looks amazing!” people really don’t need to say anything at all. We are all responsible for what we eat, and how we choose to use the fuel we feed our bodies. The only person, and the most important person who needs to know your intake is your belly…which is part of you. Lovely post, m’dear.

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