Monday Mayhem.

My day started with a 7:45 wake-up call, and a quick rush to get ready for school. I ended up eating most of my breakfast in the car despite my best efforts.

I endured astronomy with sleepy eyes that promptly shut when we entered the dark planetarium. I spent the next hour after class in my car, asleep. Instead of going to my next class (insert part honest, part faux guilt) I drove home to shower and eat lunch. Missing class was totally worth it. I felt much better and awake after my shower, and lunch answered my hungry tummy’s prayers. I concocted a lovely variation of the grilled cheese sandwich, using Great Harvest Oregon Herb bread, sharp cheddar cheese, black figs, arugula, and cashew butter. I know it sounds a little crazy. But trust me, it’s perfect.

Spread cashew butter onto one piece of bread, place figs on top of cashew butter, and place cheddar on the other piece of bread. Put the pieces together, grill until cheese is fully melted, add arugula, and serve. Voila! The cheddar and cashew butter make this sandwich very rich, but the savory richness is offset by the slight sweetness of the figs and the sharp contrast of arugula. I know it sounds like a strange combination, but it is so worth a try!

I followed up lunch with a Honey Krisp apple. Now I know why everyone at Whole Foods was raving about them — they’re delicious! Speaking of Whole Foods, I finally started cashiering! It definitely feels like more responsibility (hello, cash drawer) and cashiering involves much more customer service, but I like it a lot better than pushing carts. I still have blisters from walking around and pushing carts on Sunday, so cashiering has also been quite a relief to my feet!

How many pieces do you cut your apples into? I know eight is standard, but I usually cut apples into about 14 pieces. I just really like to slice!

After lunch, I rushed to a therapy appointment. Half of the above apple, while photographed, was also eaten in the car. No time to eat = no fun. My appointment went well, and it was nice to see my therapist after not seeing her for over a month!

I killed the time between my appointment and astronomy lab by visiting Jay; his campus is literally right across the street from mine. It’s cute. I know. I got to check out Cabrini and I loved the feel of it; the buildings have old wooden paneling on the outside, and the setup feels like you’re enclosed inside a little village. Plus, it was a wonderful break from my stress-filled day, catching up with my Bubs.

Astronomy lab was interesting. My class and I looked through a telescope after my teacher repeatedly told us how lucky we were to have such a state-of-the-art telescope and observatory, and that if we looked through the lens without a special shield, we would burn our eyes out and go blind. Thanks, Dr. B.

I had a quick break after lab to eat dinner, and then I left for work. The night went smoothly except for a woman who tried to butt in front of another lady who was looking for a coupon. They seriously got in a fight because the woman who tried to butt was extremely impatient and rude. She literally said to the other customer, “Would you mind if I went before you, because I really don’t have time to wait for coupons?”

And the other lady said, “Well, yes, I do mind.” And the butter-lady got all pissy! Like, damn! We’re at a grocery store! And of course when I was ringing up the butter-lady’s stuff, she was all happy and fine. Just because you’re an entitled main-line brat does not mean you’re better than anyone else, or that your time is more important. I wish her sushi was laced with salmonella. Not really, I would never wish that on anyone, but it’s probably what she deserves.

Anyway, the rest of the night went well and my drawer was only one cent over! I would’ve preferred it to be completely exact, but I know I’m doing my best. I just got home about an hour ago, and it’s been a very long day! Before I go, though, I do have some questions:

Have you ever tried kombucha? What was it like the first time you tried it?

Have you ever dry-brused? Have you reaped any of the supposed benefits?

And what do you do to maintain good health on a daily basis?


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