What I ate…in the car.

I woke up this morning at six thirty so I’d have time before school to sit down and eat a proper breakfast. My alarm woke me up, I took a shower, and laid back in bed. I promptly fell asleep, and didn’t wake up again until a second, much later alarm went off on my phone. I woke up in horror, checked the time, and realized that I would be late for dance class again. So I rushed to get ready, grabbed breakfast and threw it in the car, along with my books, and bag.

I clearly didn’t have time to snap a picture, but I can show you part of what went into my breakfast:

Whole Food’s Blueberry Almond Granola. If you haven’t tried it, buy some. Now. It’s amazing. I poured some on top of a 6 oz. container of plain Fage 2%, and alternated between steering and chewing. How I’ve missed Fage and granola. Creamy + cruncy perfection.

After ballet, I had a break and munched whole-heartedly on an unsliced apple, the old fashioned way. I loved the colors in it!

I was so sleepy due to lack of coffee and overall lack of sleep, even though I overslept, so I bought a green tea from the cafe at school. Their coffee’s just terrible.

Enjoyed in the lecture hall. I’m really starting to crave green tea again. There was a period when I drank it like crazy, but I haven’t had it in a while. I’m glad I’m getting back in the tea routine.

After school, I drove home and made lunch for myself and Bubbaloo. After listening to my Dad rave about the chicken he made the other night, now leftover, I decided to incorporate it into our lunch: Chicken Fiesta Sandwiches.

First, I mashed some avocado and added lemon juice, sea salt, red pepper flakes, and chopped onion. Then I toasted two whole wheat sandwich thins. I microwaved the chicken, and added some shredded cheddar cheese to the heated chicken so it would melt. After spreading one half of the toasted sandwich thin with the avocado mix, I topped the other sandwich thin with the chicken and cheese. When I put both halves together, they made a beautiful flavor combination. I put a little roasted red pepper vinaigrette on my sandwich, and it intensified the flavors even more. Yum.

For my post-lunch dessert, I had some super dark chocolate. It was on sale at Whole Foods! And it’s delicious.

I hung out with Bubbaloo until I basically fell asleep on him…that fifteen minute nap was totally worth it; not at all. I had to wake up and make the kids dinner; pierogies, chicken nuggets, and peas. Instead of taking another nap, like I wanted to, I decided to start my own dinner.

I roasted some carrots, onions, and at the last minute, figs, in a red wine vinaigrette. I placed them atop a bed of arugula, added some bleu cheese crumbles, more vinaigrette, and black pepper. This salad was absolutely delicious. So delicious that I ate two full servings…almost an entire container of arugula!

Imagine this…times two.

After dinner I worked on another fig recipe, which you will see soon! And I microwaved two Anytime Cookies,which I drizzled with peanut butter.

Eaten in front of the computer, in exhaustion. I was asleep by 9 p.m.



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2 responses to “What I ate…in the car.

  1. Awww, that last picture is so adorable.

    Is there any reason you like, make your siblings well..less than wholesome foods? Is it like a taste preference or you just don’t want to impose?

  2. Haha thanks. The reason I don’t make my siblings “wholesome” food is because I don’t have the time, resources, or authority. I would love to make them healthful, nutritious meals, but my parents don’t prepare anything for them in advance, such as marinated chicken, fresh veggies, etc. We rarely have fresh produce.

    Usually my siblings are off to sports around 5 pm so dinner is made at around 4pm. My stepmom usually calls around 4:15 and tells me what to make them…and that leaves me with little to no preparation time. I could prepare their meals in advance, but I have a lot of other things like work and school work to do. It’s not my job to prepare meals for them, but it would be on my time if I did. It feels like a complicated mess, and what really needs to happen is a serious talk between me and my parents about how to provide my siblings with better nutrition. I honestly don’t think it’s of much concern to them; my stepmom eats mostly frozen dinners, prepackaged “lite” foods, and little to no fresh produce; she views it as expensive. And she wonders why she constantly struggles with her weight.

    I’m not trying to sound mean or harsh towards my parents, but the reality is that they probably could use a nutrition education class. My baby sister is already on the path to being overweight. She may already be. My input is usually deemed “eating disordered” and if I had the kids eating salad twice a week, in addition to whole grains and lean meat/beans, they’d probably think I was taking too much control, or even listening to my “ed.” My siblings have been trained to like refined grains, chicken nuggets and the like, and they probably wouldn’t be pleased if I introduced other things.

    This may sound like a bunch of excuses, but I honestly don’t know what to do about it. I don’t have the money to buy them food, and the most I can do is try to make them eat their veggies. You have inspired me, though, to think about this a whole lot 🙂 I hope that conversation between me and my parents can happen soon.

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