Pancakes + Chips.

Instead of paying full attention in class yesterday, I thought furiously about what to make for lunch. What did I have on hand that I could turn into something delicious? One leftover baked potato, half a bunch of kale. I didn’t want another baked potato, because I’d already eaten two in two days. And I didn’t want to steam the kale, because I already did that two days ago.

So I decided to do something different: potato pancakes and kale chips. I once tried to make butternut squash latkes…do this only if you have immense arm and hand strength. Using a potato was much easier. For my entire lunch, I used only a few, simple ingredients.

For the potato pancakes, I used:
1 small baked potato
2 tbs. chopped onion
1 tbs. flour
1 egg
salt and pepper, to taste
olive oil for frying

All I did was remove the potato’s skin, mash the potato, add onion, flour, egg, salt and pepper, and stir. So simple. Then I heated a small skillet, added some olive oil, and formed the potato mixture into two patties, so to speak. I placed the patties on the skillet, and allowed them to cook on each side for about two minutes. They turned out wonderfully.

For the kale chips, I used:
1/2 bunch of curly kale
1 tbs. olive oil
2 tbs. distilled white vinegar
sea salt

You don’t have to use vinegar, but salt and vinegar chips have always been my favorite. For the kale chips, I removed the stalks, chopped the kale, and placed the chopped kale into a bowl. Then I drizzled it with the olive oil and vinegar. I heated the oven to 325 degrees, placed the kale on a cookie sheet/baking pan, and sprinkled it with sea salt. I baked the kale for about 30 minutes, turning it over every 10 with a spatula. I think next time, I would only bake the kale chips for 20 minutes, because I like them to be slightly moist/chewy.

The potato pancakes were actually really good. So simple, but delicious. I topped them with a mixture of sour cream, red pepper dressing, and hot sauce. And then I added more ketchup + hot sauce, because that’s really all you need. The kale chips were good, but waaaaay too salty. Apparently, a little bit of sea salt goes a long way. I would make both of these recipes again in a heartbeat…maybe tomorrow. I hope you will too!

*Forgive me for the crap quality of my photos lately! I ran out of batteries for my digital camera and I’ve been using my ipod/phone ever since. Also, my laptop’s mouse pad isn’t working. So sad :/



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  1. ahh pancakes sound SO good right noww!

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