Flower Food.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! It’s been a rainy one over here, and rainy days call for gray pictures:

Super creamy oat bran made with milk, topped with cinnamon, honey, and a dollop of cashew butter, which promptly sunk to the bottom of my bowl. Paired with some black coffee and a not-so-sunny view of my table at 7:35 a.m.

My classes were fine, but by the time I got home, I wanted something to complement the grayness of the day. Something warm, and comforting.

Health Valley’s vegetable soup, paired with cheese and crackers. Sharp cheddar and Wheat Thins, to be exact. This meal was yummy, but I was hungry an hour later…

Banana + pb. The ultimate classic. Besides apples + pb. My dad made a grocery run late last night, and I asked him pretty please to grab some bananas. I haven’t had a good banana in a long time! And I’m so glad he got them. Half of the banana was consumed during preparation…it was a really big banana.

After taking a long nap – I nap pretty much every day – I scoured the fridge for some veggies. I didn’t have much luck. But I did have an organic jewel yam. See what you learn at Whole Foods? So I cut it up an made some sweet potato, er, yam fries.

Paired with a mushroom boca burger, and plenty of ketchup. My plate looks like a party.

Jay came over for a little bit, and we watched some of the Phillies game. We cuddled, and I ate. Again.

Kashi Honey Almond Flax.

Served with a side of flowers. Excuse the flash.

Because everything is better with flowers, especially ones that your Bubs bought you. Especially ones that have stayed strong, beautiful, and fragrant for an entire week, without any signs of wilting. I’d say they’re a reflecting of who we are, but that would be cheesy. And I already did.



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4 responses to “Flower Food.

  1. Your eats look good! I love boca burgers, I wish they were sold where I live! 🙂

  2. Thanks! I don’t think there was enough green, but what can you do? And yes, boca burgers can be quite good 🙂

  3. The flowers are sweet 🙂 nicely pared with cereal, well done.
    I love sweet potato yam whatever fries! I made some last night and they were good! I always have them with nut butter. Bananas and nut butter are also a loveing combo.

    • Thanks! And yes, sweet potato fries are amazing – I was so happy – I got my 11 year old brother to eat one! With ketchup, of course. I never thought of nut butter + sweet potatoes…I’ll have to try it!

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