Coffee Crumbs.

Another rainy day. I feel like it’s been raining all week. Wait, it has been raining all week.
At least I can find solace in the cheer of my Friday ritual, and my favorite locale.

Disclaimer: this picture is not meant to feature my chest.

Instead of going straight for coffee after school, I went home and did some schoolwork that I’ve been putting off. I surprisingly worked straight through the afternoon, and decided around 4:30 that I needed a change of scenery, i.e., coffee. So I brought my laptop to Burlap & Bean, ordered their house blend, and a coffee cake to sedate my rumbling stomach. That coffee cake was probably meant to be shared, but I digress.

Coffee dregs and coffee cake crumbs. Yes, I drink my coffee black. I actually first started drinking coffee this way, and haven’t looked back. Cream and sugar are fine, but unnecessary for me, and they take away from the lovely bitterness. I usually pair my morning coffee with a sweet breakfast, so the bitter warmth is a nice contrast.

I am now going to start the process of excavating my room. I haven’t thoroughly cleaned it since my sister left for school, and it’s a complete mess!

How do you drink your coffee?



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2 responses to “Coffee Crumbs.

  1. recoveringfree

    I drink it with a packet of Splenda…guilty sorry =P

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