Weekend Recap.

I feel like I’ve gone missing…and it’s only been two days! My work week, the weekend, always passes me by, and I’m left with little to no time to blog! I also rearranged my room this weekend, which took up all of my time outside of Whole Foods. I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m ecstatic. After years of my leftover, things that nobody wants, hodge-podge room, it’s finally starting to feel like mine. And with a few more additions, it will be. More about that later, because I know what you really came here for was the food!

This weekend was nice in that I had late mornings, and time to capture breakfast and lunch on both days. Unfortunately, my dinners were reduced to 15 minute work breaks, so no pictures.

Compare & Contrast:

On Saturday, I felt adventurous and decided to attempt another buckwheat bake, as adapted from Ashley’s many variations. The first one I made, which I didn’t post about, failed miserably due to too many ingredient substitutions. So on Saturday, I followed her basic recipe precisely, and was rewarded with a super fluffy bake. The buckwheat is definitely a flavor that I’m still not used to. While I enjoyed the bake, I couldn’t quite finish it.

On Sunday, I decided to make a yogurt bowl. Kelly bought a zillion Chobanis, and I needed to put a dent in them! In this bowl I added a plain Chobani, a chopped gala apple, a handful of Whole Food’s Harvest Granola, and about half a corn muffin, also from Whole Foods. This bowl was heaven. The tang of the yogurt combined wonderfully with the sweetness of the muffin, and the apple cut right through the richness. I would make this breakfast again in a heartbeat, though it did leave me very full. I don’t like to be that full in the mornings, and it might’ve been a difficult morning had I not spent the duration of it lifting dresser drawers! Or, you know, showing Jay where to put them.

My lunches were also quite varied this weekend:

On Saturday, I made myself an egg sandwich with sharp provolone a mixture of ketchup + hot sauce, and a side of carrots + hummus. The carrots and hummus were my favorite part. I haven’t had hummus in a while!

On Sunday, I made a salad of romaine, chopped onion, carrots, hummus, shredded cheddar, and roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Again, the carrots and hummus were wonderful. I also loved the red pepper vinaigrette! While I enjoyed Saturday’s lunch, Sunday’s was much better. Mostly because it was shared:

And followed up with wonderful treat:

Pistachio ice cream in the best pretzel cone I’ve ever had, with a side of Bubbaloo, the best room renovator I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Also the best boyfriend.

If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected,
Decide what to be, and go be it.



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4 responses to “Weekend Recap.

  1. I feel like you’ve been gone forever too!

    I’ve never heard of a pretzel cone, and I am 200% jealous.

    Glad to see you’re keeping busy and all together though 🙂

  2. Pretzel cones are phenomenal. They pair so well with ice cream!
    & yup, being busy is good. 🙂

  3. Sara

    Hey Kaitlyn-
    School has gotten crazy but I’m glad I still have time to check out this page. I am so jealous of all the amazing food you can cook/bake – first those yummy faux fig newtons and now this buckwheat bake (which looks incredible.) Sure beats dining hall food. I also love how you arrange everything haha. And can I just say that pretzel cone looks divine. Is pistachio ice cream good? Love pistachios (I always lick the shells because I like the salt hahah issues….) but I’ve never had them in ice cream.

    You and your boyfriend are so cute and just seem like two of those perfect people who are just so perfect and nice 🙂

  4. School has definitely started getting crazy! And while I love to cook, the dining hall has the added benefit of friends! The pretzel cones are from a place right in Media, O’Malley’s! If you’re ever in Media definitely get a pretzel cone because they’re better than any others I’ve had! Pistachio ice cream is a newfound love of mine. It’s both sweet and savory, and the nuts are lovely.

    Haha we are far from perfect, but it’s a nice thought! Glad you still have time to visit my blog 🙂

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