Happy What I Ate Wednesday! This week is going by so fast, and school has really started to pick up. Hence a slight lack in posting. But I am here. Thank goodness. And it’s still raining. Are any of you experiencing the same daily downpour as I am? I’m so over my love for rain right now. Walking in the rain in a dress is just icky. Anyway, onto breakfast:

Plain Chobani with honey, topped with an apple bran muffin and almond butter, in a Tinker Bell bowl. This has pretty much been breakfast every day this week. Every since Sunday, I haven’t gotten over the yogurt + muffin + nut butter combo.

For lunch, I’ve been eating a lot of salad. This one in particular was from Sweet Green, a little salad shop in Suburban Square. I “made my own” salad of baby spinach, roasted tofu, spicy broccoli, spicy quinoa, radishes, sprouts, parmesan crisps, and carrot chili vinaigrette. Paired with whole wheat bread, and a passion tea lemonade. Because it was way too noisy at Sweet Green, and because Starbucks has wifi.

Apples and almond butter for snacks = more apple art. Don’t judge.

Whole wheat couscous with sauteed broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. This is the most homemade I’ve gotten for dinner all week! I need to cook up some new + quick ideas.

And finally, what would a day be without muffins?

It really wouldn’t be a day at all.

Most of these photos were taken on window sills, in the attempt to capture some natural light! What I’m really craving, though, is natural sunlight. Maybe I’ll see the sun in a week or two, when both clouds and exams (five in two weeks!) are cleared from my schedule!



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8 responses to “BusyBody.

  1. I’ve been feeling a little rained out…but doesn’t mean I don’t gusta it mucho. Now on Friday Night when I have a football game.. I may be cursing at the rain a little πŸ™‚

  2. Your eats look super good–especially the salad combo! Loving the apple art πŸ˜‰

  3. recoveringfree

    Love the tinkerbell bowl πŸ™‚ the plating has to be as fun as the food!

  4. survivingcandyland

    I love that you have a tinkerbell bowl. I loooove all things disney. I had these disney cups, but they got so old and worn that I had to give them away 😦

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