Coffee Drink…Wednesday?

Instead of waiting until Friday, I actually enjoyed my sit down coffee on Wednesday with these goobers:

Heritage Brew for me, lemonade for Kara, and hot chocolate for Mad.

Kara just started kindergarten and she’s having a rough time adjusting. There’s a bunch of new kids, and she’s not used to having alone time after school. For the past two years, she spent nearly every day after school with Jay Jay, a boy her age that Kelly babysat.

Now that I pick Kara up after school, I was supposed to pick up Jay Jay too, until he started crying every day after school and at school. His parents decided that they should take him home after school so that he felt more comfortable, so that the adjustment would be easier, and Kara is very upset without him.

She, five years old, gathered up the courage to call Jay Jay on the phone the other day, and asked if she could come over his house. She asked this because Jay Jay would cry when he came over to our house. Jay Jay’s parents said no, and Kara hung up the phone, holding a straight face until Madison asked, “What did he say? Are you going?”

That’s when the tears started, and she could barely speak, except to utter her embarassment, “I didn’t want to tell Madison what he said!” I grabbed onto her, holding her as tightly as possible. Rejection stings, no matter how old you are.

Seeing her upset like that seriously breaks my heart. I feel her pain as my own. And I know I’m not as cool or fun as someone her age, but I love her so much, from the follicles of my hair to the tips of my toe nails. I squeeze her twenty times a day, much to her chagrin. I speak in voices unknown to the rest of the world, just for her. And even though I have to bribe her to give me a kiss, I still feel honored when she asks me to scratch her back before bed.

That’s why, when her breath settled, and her tears subsided, I decided that we would go out and get a drink. Do something fun. “Would you like a lemonade?” It’s almost a magic phrase.

And although I didn’t fix the problem by any stretch, I did get to see a smile.
That’s more than I could ask for.


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