What I ate during midterms.

What a week! I haven’t had time to blog the past few, um five, days due to midterms. Painstaking, draining, midterms. And the cold that decided to join the study party. Nothing that some stuffy-nosed sleep can’t fix, right?

Justin’s Maple did a pretty good job of cheering me up Monday morning, right before my astronomy exam. Enjoyed over an Ezekiel english muffin, and paired with coffee-to-go. With some last minute review of my notes!

My exam went decently, though there were definitely some things I missed. I was super content to push worry  aside and focus on my superb lunch.

Caesar Salad! So overdone and common in the restaurant world, but so good. I’d been craving it like crazy. I chopped some romaine, and topped it with Brianna’s Asiago Caesar dressing, caesar croutons, and locatelli cheese! Divine.

Followed up with an heirloom apple (post on these gems later!), and an entire packet of Justin’s Maple. I regret nothing.

I took a long nap yesterday, as my midterms were finally over! I awoke to a stuffy nose, and to a severe lack of hunger. Thus, I ended up eating dinner around 9 o’clock! Weird.

Sandwich thin topped with mashed/lemon juiced/salted/red peppered avocado, green tomato, and a Sunshine Southwest veggie burger. Enjoyed with some carrot sticks, and some more unpictured avocado. Quite a colorful way to end my night. I went to bed about an hour later. I slept like a baby. And now I have a stuffy nose.



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2 responses to “What I ate during midterms.

  1. Feel better girlie :C
    I like how you tagged this post “yum”. I agree 🙂

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