One year free.

Fall is leaving us, slowly but surely. We had our first snowfall of the season on Saturday, and the temperature seems to have dropped almost permanently. Thankfully, I did get to capture a few scenes of fall foliage on a walk last week.

Super beautiful mums. I remember these selling like crazy just a few weeks ago.

Sunday marked Jay and my tree carving anniversary. Last year we carved this:

This year we added an ’11, and the text “Love a Bub.”

It’s crazy the difference one year makes. In fact, this time last year, this exact day, I was doing intake at Brandywine Hospital for their eating disorder’s program. At around this time, 11 am, the nurse prepped an iv for my arm, despite my best protests that I would be fine with or without more potassium; I’d just received a dose on Saturday. And I was fine, thankfully.

I met a bunch of wonderful people that day, and some crazies, too. I found my future self as well, buried away behind sickness. When I left treatment, my goal was to last one year without a visit to the hospital. It’s time to extend that goal to two years, just for now. Someday it might be many more.



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2 responses to “One year free.

  1. recoveringfree

    You’re amazing! I wish we had met under other conditions but everything happens for a reason ๐Ÿ™‚ heres to two years!

  2. thank you dear! cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

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