Heirloom Apples.

I first discovered heirloom apples in the break room at work. One of my supervisors was eating a small yellow-green apple, while simultaneously talking about how different, but delicious, they were. They appeared super small and almost rusty-colored, with patches of brown and even some red sneaking through an opaque green-gold surface. As I stuffed my face with spaghetti squash, I wondered what they would taste like.

I returned to my register, thinking about heirloom apples, and how much they would cost, when my supervisor dropped a small, green-gold object into my apron pocket. “Eat this later!” she whispered in passing. I looked down, only to find a little, rusty colored apple. I smiled, and bought a container of them that afternoon.

I really love the size of these apples. They’re small, but jam packed with flavor. I often get uncomfortably full eating really big apples, so the size of these apples is a win for me. Instead of chopping an apple in half, I can add an entire heirloom apple to my morning yogurt or oatmeal, without fearing for the state of my stomach (overly full), or the remaining apple (browning).

The skin on these apples is much like a pear; it’s slightly gritty and thicker than that of a standard variety apple. However, the flesh is crisp and crunchy, as a good apple’s flesh should be. In terms of taste, these apples are unique. I forget what exact variety they were, but they had a distinct, slightly tart taste. One difference between this heirloom variety and say, Honey Crisp apples, is that they aren’t as juicy. They’re delicious, but they won’t leave a juicy mess on your plate or in your hand.

I ate this bin all by myself. They were consumed on the go, whole, or chopped with almond butter. I highly suggest you try any heirloom variety you can find, and broaden your apple palate!

Your taste buds will thank you.




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2 responses to “Heirloom Apples.

  1. recoveringfree

    I like Gala. My roommate says “Gay-Lah”…I say “Gah-Lah”
    Are heirlooms a special variety?

  2. they’re special in that they aren’t your standard apple variety. you won’t find them in most grocery stores, because they aren’t mass produced or extremely “popular.” they are pretty good, though!

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