Something New.

Lately, I’ve been trying new things. I recently picked up some Original Puffins, Wallaby Yogurt, and a half loaf of Pain de Campagne. A lot of customers buy this bread, so I decided to try it out.

Pain de Campagne with brie and fresh strawberries.

I made this breakfast last week after researching, yes, researching uses for Pain de Campagne. Toasted with butter was too plain and sour for my taste, so I dressed it a bit. I’m guessing this bread would work well with sandwiches, but we didn’t have anything to make a sandwich with besides the bread, of course. I liked the flavor of this bread, though I usually opt for nuttier flavors. The texture was light and airy, and quite sharp, when toasted. I think I actually cut my mouth on the crust. One thing I didn’t like about this bread was that it dried out very quickly. The exposed slice would inevitable dry out within a night, even in the refrigerator.

Even so, it supplemented several delicious breakfasts.

In addition to trying new things in the new year, I’d like to increase my consumption of produce and reduce the amount of sugar that I eat. I definitely have a sweet tooth, so that poses a challenge. I figure I’ll finish the chocolate bar and last bit of ice cream in my kitchen, and try to replace the baked sweets that I often buy at work with fruit. The slice of pumpkin roll that I bought yesterday, while delicious, put me out three dollars. Did I mention that saving money is also a goal of mine this year? 🙂


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  1. Tt in nyc

    All winter i make baked apples- cored cut in half with a mix of oats and applesauce in the middle, lots of cinnamon and a bit of maple syrup- hot and comforting and the oats get moisure from the applesauce- baked at 350 about 30min

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