This week I’ve fallen into a routine of making coffee, and drinking it on the oversized chair in the kitchen with several blankets and a space heater directed at my feet. And I read, for an hour or two. If I could do this everyday I think my life will be complete.

Alas, I’ll be going back to school on Tuesday, and won’t have time for a beautiful spread like this:

Whole Foods Harvest Bread with Smjor butter, and some Crofter’s Superfruit Spread. With coffee, of course.

Followed up shortly after with a beautiful grapefruit half. I guess I should mention that I’ve also been sleeping to ungodly hours, such as 12 in the afternoon. Maybe an earlier routine will be good for me.

For lunch, I heated up some Italian vegetable soup that my uncle made. It’s delicious. It’s also almost gone.

Kara kept me company with some soup (mostly crackers) of her own. Last week she was in the hospital fighting off a nasty stomach virus that wouldn’t leave her be. She’s home now and she’s finally getting her appetite back!

For dinner, I heated up the second half of my Kennett Square burger from Iron Hill, where Jay and I dined the previous night. It comes with mushrooms, smoked gouda, and black pepper aioli. As in, it’s delicious. Served with orange segments. Jay paid me a visit after dinner and we laid on the floor and talked and laughed. I love that boo.

An evening snack of Fage 2% with Justin’s Maple, and some apple cinnamon granola.

For the rest of the night, I organized my room. Winter cleaning, anyone? I have so many clothes! And so many beauty products that I’ll probably never use. I also need to clean my closet, my car, and the bathroom. All before school starts. Wish me luck.

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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6 responses to “Relax.

  1. Space heater love ❤ I'm glad Kara is feeling better! I saw someone ask about her on Facebook && I was wondering if she was okay. Glad to see she is and enjoying some delicious crackers 😉

  2. man, that morning (or mornings rather) sound so relaxing!

  3. Yum grapefruit! I can’t get enough of it lately!

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