Sunday Night Dinner.

I know I’ve been pretty much m.i.a. these past few weeks (ok, we can call it months), but with the car wreck and starting back to school my life has been a bit crazy. The good news is that we’ve found a really nice car within a good price range, we just have to buy it. The bad news is I still need to figure out transportation for the next two days, and I’m sick with a terrible chest cold. But I’ll survive.

I haven’t been cooking up a storm lately, but I have been cooking some, and eating out even more. Tonight I finally found the time and patience to whip up some dinner in the form of stuffed peppers! The first and probably last time I ever ate a stuffed pepper was at a hospital in Maryland. And I loved it. That’s saying a lot, considering I was pretty much miserable, and it was hospital food.

I originally intended to make tempeh stuffed bell peppers, but I couldn’t find any tempeh when Kelly and I went grocery shopping the other day. Since she was paying, I didn’t push it, and simply added extra veggies!

I followed this recipe exactly, with the exchange of tempeh for squash, zucchini and mushrooms. My pepper was quite tasty, if I do say so myself. Although I’m sure tempeh would’ve given these peppers more texture, I think I just got my daily serving of veggies in a single, compact meal. Win.



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2 responses to “Sunday Night Dinner.

  1. I love stuffed peppers, but with beans not tempeh. Is tempeh good? I’ve never had.
    P.s.- I’m SO glad you’re okay from your accident.
    I miss you

  2. I’ve never had tempeh! I wanted to try it though. So I guess we both have to find out 🙂
    And thanks, dear. I miss you too.

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