What I’ve been eating out!

Because of school and my recent accident, I’ve had little time or motivation to cook…or blog, for that matter. Therefore, this post is part drool-worthy, part catch-up concerning the past few weeks in eating out and about! During which, you can imagine, my wallet suffered greatly.

There’s this lovely French patisserie right across from Jay’s work that I’d been dying to try out ever since I set eyes on it. A few weeks ago, I found the chance to stop by and try a few things. This cheese croissant could certainly be breakfast, but I had it as part of an overly sweet and small lunch. There were raisins in it, which I hadn’t expected (and didn’t really like), but I ate the whole thing regardless.

Lunch has been pretty consistent, with a few trips to House. The sweet potato soup I had last week was excellent! Jay tried the Heman sandwich, made of meat loaf, caramelized onions, and cheddar. It wasn’t half bad, considering that I adamantly detest meatloaf.

I also had the chance to grab lunch with my Mom at La Na, a Thai-French restaurant. I always get their green curry; it’s phenomenal.

Jay and I dined at Iron Hill one Saturday evening, and we both forewent our comfort zones by ordering something different. I tried the potato leek soup, which was lovely. I ordered the Voodoo Shrimp as my entree, and while it sounded good on the menu, it really did not deliver. The sauce was too thick and the rice lacked any sort of seasoning or flavor. I know it was meant to offset the spiciness of the shrimp, but I found it uninspired and quite bland. Perhaps comfort zones exist for good reason!

And of course, a return to the French patisserie for dessert. These were my first non-coconut macaroons, and they were delicious! I ordered the pistachio flavor and ended up going back for more to bring to Jay! He thought they looked like little hamburgers. I thought they were adorable.

Now that I’m looking forward to a car payment, you probably won’t be seeing quite as much dining out around here. At the very least, such excursions won’t be so condensed into a single post, pretty as it was. Have a lovely Wednesday!



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10 responses to “What I’ve been eating out!

  1. Pistachio macarons have always been my favorite. Just perfectly sweet enough.

  2. Happy WIAW! Everything looks good, I love pistachio everything!
    Car payments suck! 😦


  3. Everything looks to die for Kaitlyn. Seriously jealous of the selection you get around you!
    P.s.- Sometime in the upcoming months, I’m totally tagging you for your opinion on Temple. It’s kind of become the school I really want to go to, and I want someone’s opinion 🙂

  4. caloricandcrazy

    Eating out is fun. I haven’t eaten out in a while actually. Hoping to make up for that this weekend though! ^^

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