What a Weekend.

So, this weekend I got a new car.

A new, used car that is. It’s still very new to me! I decided to follow my parents advice and go with a 2003 Ford Focus. I had my eyes set on a navy Passat, but it had quite a few miles on it and Volkswagens are apparently very expensive to repair.

Beautiful on the outside, still a bit dirty on the inside. Jay promised to clean my car on Wednesday, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

This weekend was also Jay’s birthday! 🙂

It was very exciting because his birthday was on the same day that I got my car. So instead of driving me around, I finally got the chance to drive him around! And it was snowing. Go figure. The first day I drive my car and we face the worst conditions! But we survived, even though I’m still terrified of oncoming cars.

We dined at P.F. Chang’s and were served forty minutes earlier than expected! They told us it would be an hour long wait, but we were seated after only twenty minutes. I ordered the Ma Po Tofu and Jay got the Pepper Steak. Both were delicious. We forewent dessert, because I had something else planned when we got home.

A mini heart-shaped key lime birthday pie! I found this at work, among the other Valentines Day selections. Jay and I both love key lime pie, and it was too cute to pass up.

We split it right down the middle, and struggled to cut through the crust. It was like trying to cutting through concrete. The filling and whipped cream were delicious, but that crust, man! Hard as rocks!

Overall, it was a splendid weekend.


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