Salad of the Week.

This week I’ve been eating raw kale like it’s going out of style. Mixed with spinach and consumed mostly during 15 minute work breaks, this base has kept me feeling healthy and satisfied throughout the day.

It started last Friday when I spent way too much money grocery shopping. This first salad was shared with Jay and consisted of spinach, heirloom tomato, onion, red bell pepper and sprouts. I topped it with a spoonful of Cava’s spicy hummus and a bit of avocado dressing.

Over the weekend and throughout the week I’ve been making this salad:

Raw dino kale, spinach, red bell pepper, pistachios, carrots and sprouts topped with spicy hummus. Delicious and paired with a Triology Kombucha. I’m already out of kale, hummus and red bell pepper but I’ve still got a huge tub of spinach and some sprouts left.

Any ideas for quickly spoiling sprouts?


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