Tofu Lettuce Wraps.

After making last week’s quiche, I had some mushrooms and shallots left over. I ruminated over several ideas and ways in which to use them, but the lingering idea that kept coming back to me was solidified when Kelly bought several bunches of lettuce. Lettuce wraps seemed glaringly obvious. Since I’m not too keen on handling raw meat, I decided that these wraps would be vegetarian and researched several recipes, happening upon this one at The Curvy Carrot.

I had most of the ingredients that this recipe calls for on hand, but I did have to pick up water chestnuts, tofu and ginger. The only substitutions I made were using honey instead of sugar and using romaine lettuce instead of iceberg to pack a slightly denser nutritional punch. I also omitted using brown rice noodles because I wanted this dish to be light.

Jay came over Wednesday afternoon and we started off with a snack of homemade guacamole, chips and salsa. Look at that beautiful light! Jay snuck in a jalapeno for additional photographic dimension 🙂 I picked up the chips and salsa from Trader Joe’s and while I loved the salsa, Jay and I both agreed that the multigrain chips were quite awful. They had a strange, almost bitter taste that took away from the flavor of the guac. We ate most of the plate anyway.

Jay set out to washing my car and I scrubbed the cup holders in which the previous owner of my car had left some chewed gum. How pleasant, yes? It wasn’t something I really noticed when I got the car; I was more excited to just drive. After doing that, I was exhausted, probably from a lack of sleep on Sunday night when I stayed up until four in the morning studying for a test. So I took a short nap and woke up refreshed and ready to tackle some lettuce wraps.

I garnished the stir fry with some pistachios for color. The recipe was really easy to follow and pretty much foolproof. All you really do its chop everything up and put it in a pot! Or, you know, saucepan or wok if you so happen to have one.

One thing I will note is that in order to really emulsify the sauce, I had to throw it in the blender. There were pieces of mustard floating around and it just wouldn’t combine with straight stirring. A few seconds in the blender though, and everything was fine. The high speed blending is probably why it looks a bit frothy!

Jay and I each had three wraps. They were messy but loads of fun to eat. I would definitely make these lettuce wraps again, maybe with the brown rice noodles next time for a more filling meal.


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