Happy 100!

Happy Wednesday! Almond Oats has turned 100 posts old today, yay!

I’m sitting in the library at school in my Capri pants and flats, waiting for the “fog to burn off,” which NPR said it would do thirty minutes ago. Sigh.

Food photography is always there to cheer me up on Wednesdays regardless of the weather, thanks to Jenn!

On Sunday, Jay and I hit our usual spot. We started off with drinks, coffee for me and a grapefruit Mash for him.

Jay got the hummus melt and I tried a sesame bagel with cream cheese. Fresh fruit salad on the side.

Ever since we’ve started getting warmer weather, I’ve been craving salads and smoothies like crazy. I’ve never been one to drink calories, but cold, nearly-frozen smoothies are so appealing lately. To the body, not the eye, mind you. Until I make a smoothie that looks semi-pretty, they will be absent from my blog!

I made a salad on Monday for lunch comprised of romaine, baby carrots, tomato, green pepper, onion and shredded cheddar. Topped with a dollop of hummus.

For dessert, I had two Irish Potatoes, one of which was eaten before I could snap a picture!

I enjoyed this cara cara orange yesterday during my break at work. I love that they’re slightly more tart than your usual orange.

For Monday’s dinner, I defrosted a piece of crab-stuffed flounder from Trader Joe’s and paired it with some sesame-sauteed kale and mushrooms (recipe coming soon!). This dinner was super delicious and easy. It was my first time trying this fish from Trader Joe’s and I would definitely get it again! I can’t attest to it being very healthy (hello mostly cheese stuffing), but perhaps my kale made up for that?

Cold cereal has made it’s way into my dessert routine. I’ve been consuming soggy bowls of raisin bran topped with corn flakes like a champ. It’s funny because I discovered a love of raisin bran in treatment centers. Same goes for cottage cheese, English muffins and peanut butter. I don’t eat these foods religiously like I used to, but they definitely have a place in my heart as safe, comforting foods. What are your comfort foods?



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4 responses to “Happy 100!

  1. I though cara cara orangers were sweeter than regular oranges! Still delicious, still beautiful 🙂

  2. Maybe tangy was the word I was looking for? They’ve definitely got a zing! But yes, delicious nevertheless.

  3. Cereal is one of my favourite desserts ever, however, I’m trying to cut down on it because I’m not eating as many carbs as I used to. But I kind of miss it!

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