Easter Recap.

This weekend was super busy both at work and at home. I worked Friday and Saturday and the lines were constant with customers stocking up on Passover and Easter foods. Some customers even bought Seder items as well as an Easter ham! I enjoyed learning (from various customers) what items on the Seder plate meant. I even tried some chocolate covered matzoh! It was pretty good.

I got some relaxation in between Saturday night and Sunday morning. I slept…a lot. I also greeted my immediate family who had just arrived home from Disney World! Their tanned arms put my pasty face to shame. I bought the kids cupcakes as a welcome home gift. It was so good to see them again! The house was so quiet with them gone.

The kids tore apart their Easter baskets and collected all the hidden Easter eggs before I woke up. I came downstairs to a lovely, stripped dress in my basket and snacked on some jelly beans before breakfast.

For dinner, I went to my Aunt’s House. She had a lovely spread of ham, steak, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, pineapple stuffing, corn bread, rolls, green beans, brussels sprouts and salad.

I piled my plate high and went back for seconds of brussels sprouts before even touching anything else. They were so good, my favorite part of the meal. I also loved the mac n’ cheese!

I was super stuffed after the meal but tried some desserts when Jay stopped by. I was too full (and yes, slightly disgusted with myself) to take pictures of dessert. I let the fullness get to me for a little while and had some thoughts of using symptoms, but then I remembered how long it’s been, and how it wouldn’t be worth it at all.

As it turns out, Jay and I stayed up till two in the morning and I ended up having a bowl of cereal before bed — because I was hungry! Jay reminded me through my discomfort that it always passes. And it did.



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2 responses to “Easter Recap.

  1. I know people are pretty pissed off when they’re “congratulated” on recovery, so I’ll just say you deciding not to use symptoms made me smile.
    Glad you had a happy Easter, I’m jealous of your spread.

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