Sunday Morning.

This morning, Jay and I whipped out the frying pans to prepare the ultimate Sunday breakfast. I picked up some Alexia Hashed Browns a few weeks ago since we had a coupon for them at work. And since I had breakfast in mind, I snagged some thick cut bacon before leaving work last night to use for BLT’s and breakfast.

The BLT’s were delicious, but the real winner was this breakfast. We started off by heating the pans for both the bacon and onions (a necessary addition to hash browns!) Jay took charge of the bacon pan and I stirred the onions around with some butter. Then I added the hash browns and we let everything just cook down for a bit.

Our next step was to put some bread in the toaster and start on the eggs. I love mine scrambled atop a piece of toast, but Jay prefers his dippy!

Hash detail. These were pretty good, but they got more mush than crispy.

Bacon. Black Forest Thick Cut Salt Cured Bacon. 8 pieces for $8.99, but it was worth it. Is it weird that I love dipping bacon in maple syrup?

Once we’d finished our plates, Jay did the dishes because he’s wonderful and amazing and I read for a bit. Then we decided to go for a walk because it was absolutely beautiful out!

Cherry blossoms are probably my favorite spring tree. We walked all around his neighborhood and I even started to work up a sweat! It was a perfect Sunday morning with great food and my lovely Boo.



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7 responses to “Sunday Morning.

  1. Bacon mingling with maple syrup is always awesome… so says my slab bacon that became entangled with my maple-syrup soaked blueberry pancakes this morning. I recalled how my dad used to drop strips of cooked bacon into the pancake before flipping them. It didn’t make them easy to eat, but it was perfect. (There are so many things wrong with this world… like boneless chicken wings… sometime the preparation should slow you down while eating it. 🙂

    • Haha those pancakes sound wonderful. And I completely agree with you about boneless chicken wings. First of all, how does that even happen? And secondly, are we really that lazy? The best things take time to create…and to consume 🙂

  2. Bacon and maple syrup is pretty common, I think! My Dad bought it pre made once (oh how unhappy that made him)

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