More Soup.

Happy Wednesday, if you’re still in the right time zone. Unfortunately, it’s 12:49 a.m., and I’m not. The blog must go on!

This morning for breakfast I tried something new; toasted harvest bread topped with cream cheese and tomatoes — both raw and sun dried. It was very light and refreshing. I may or may not be planning the same breakfast for tomorrow on a bagel instead of toast.

For lunch, Jay took me out to House, as alway. It was good to go back! We actually haven’t been in over a month in an effort to spend less money on eating out, so it was a nice treat.

I got the tomato soup (surprise, surprise) and baby-sized King Khan!

After lunch we walked around a bit. Of course, I had to stop inside Trader Joe’s and pick up just a few goodies, such as their full fat honey greek yogurt (heaven in a plastic container), some fruit leathers, and some shortbread biscuits!

I had one topped with the honey greek yogurt and the last of my blueberries for an afternoon snack. I’m guessing they would be just as good toasted and topped with some butter and jam…yes, I like toast. A lot.

For dinner I had some more quinoa salad over salad and an unpictured fruit leather. I was so full after this meal!

Probably from all the veggies packed in there, but man. I always think I’m gonna walk away from this bowl hungry, but I never do.

When I got home from work tonight I was pretty hungry, so I reheated the leftover half of my sandwich from yesterday. It was just as good the second time around. I was afraid the bread would be soggy, but it held up pretty well.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, if there’s any of it left. I’m off to bed. The one thing I always like about raining days is sleeping!


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