Skinny vs. Delicious.

Today while I was out running errands, I stopped by Starbucks to put the final dent in the gift card that my Grandmom bought me.  Since the sun was beating down and I wanted something immediately drinkable, I went with an iced vanilla latte. Full fat, full sugar.

I tried the skinny version on Monday and could only gulp down a few sips because it tasted so artificial. I ended up passing it off to my stepmom Kelly because I knew she would like it; she only drinks them if they’re “skinny” in the first place.

Today though, with the original version, I gulped down half on the car ride home. It tasted so much better.  I know it’s my eating disorder that demands I order lower-calories drinks in the first place. But if it tastes like sh!t, what’s the point? I’m generally against fat free products in the first place because “fat free” essentially means more processing and more bad things for my body. Additionally, the sugar-free syrup that Starbucks sweetens their drinks with is made with Sucralose, which is 600 times sweeter that natural sugar and has been linked to chlorine toxicity. If it tastes bad and might be bad for my body, why would I choose it again?

How do you do Starbucks?



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4 responses to “Skinny vs. Delicious.

  1. I’ve only had starbucks twice {quelle horror!} and one time was a frap and one time a latte, both a mocha light. The hot drinks seems to fair better with the light versions…
    the fraps are crap.

  2. fairyhealthylife

    I got a iced latte with hazelnut syrup and loved it. Next time, I ordered the same thing with sugar free syrup and it was horrible. I think I’ll just ask for less syrup next time.

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