Mother’s Day Weekend.

This weekend was jam packed with work and Mother’s Day activities. On Saturday, Jay stopped by work and brought me some wonderful treats; macaroons and Starbucks!

Since the little patisserie by his work was out of pistachio, he gave me a variety of flavors to choose from: blueberry, grapefruit, mint chocolate and lemon, which was eaten previous to this photo. They were so cute that I held a bit of a photo shoot during my break.

The mint chocolate was probably my favorite. Most of my passion tea lemonade was consumed before my break, but I snapped a shot regardless.

I seriously could not ask for a better boyfriend ♥

On Sunday, I woke up around 6:50 am to drive to Philadelphia and participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I went with my mom, my aunt and my cousin and we walked at a steady pace, finishing the 5k in under an hour. It was illuminating just being there. People had t-shirts dedicated to loved ones who had died from breast cancer. Survivors wore pink shirts; they were labeled as “warriors in pink.”

I loved having people cheer us on as we walked. I also enjoyed reading all the team t-shirts, most of which had clever titles such as “Touch ’em, squeeze ’em, feel ’em, save ’em.” I’m really glad I participated in the race, though next year, I would definitely fuel myself properly beforehand. I kind of just rolled out of bed and didn’t grab anything to eat or drink so by the time the race was over I was starving. Not a good idea.

After the race, I went home and showered, grabbed my gifts, and headed back to my aunt’s house for brunch. I didn’t snap any pictures, but my favorite things were the croissants and breakfast potatoes!

For Mother’s Day, I got my mom a mason jar filled with calla lilies, as well as some wonderful hand lotion. I got both my aunt and grandmom small candle holders with some vanilla + peppermint scented candles. I got Kelly tomato and basil plants, as well as a floral bouquet I picked up at Trader Joe’s when she asked me to pick up chips and salsa.

 When I got home, I gave Kelly her gift and took a much needed nap. When I woke up, I helped out with dinner by roasting some potatoes, asparagus, and making some sourdough croutons for the salad.

I had a great time hanging out with all the mothers in my life, but I am so glad I don’t have any plans today!


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