Coco Thai Bistro.

Today, Jay and I ventured into Narberth to try out Coco Thai Bistro. Jay knows how much I love thai food and he’s been wanting to take me to Coco Thai for a while now. Since we had nothing else to do today except enjoy the beautiful weather, it was the perfect opportunity.

The restaurant itself is very cute and quaint; it’s run by a mother and son and has slightly eclectic decor. We decided to sit outside because it was so nice out. Jay and I both ordered the lunch special, which includes your choice of either a soup or salad to start in addition to an entree.

Jay got the Thai Apple Somtom, which consisted of grated apple and carrots tossed in a peanut dressing.

Jay was surprised that it was basically a grated-apple salad, but he ate the whole thing, regardless. It was very light and refreshing.

I started off with the Lemongrass Soup. Jay and I both agreed that this soup blew my previous thai soup experiences out of the water. I usually get the coconut soup and end up leaving at least half the broth in the bowl. Not today. I consumed not only the mushrooms and chicken that textured the soup, but also the entire bowl of broth. It was slightly spicy and wonderfully flavored. I would go back to Coco Thai just for that soup.

For our entrees, Jay ordered the Evil Gaga with chicken and I got the Thai Green Curry with tofu.

Jay’s entree was delicately spiced with garlic and chili peppers. The chicken was juicy and moist, which surprised both of us. The chicken we’ve had at La Na and Noodi, the two thai restaurants in Media, has always been dry and tough. Not that we should be basing our opinions of all thai restaurants on the two in Media, but until today, they were the two that made up our thai food experience.

The green curry was on par with other’s I’ve tasted before. It brought the heat, that’s for sure. I had to keep taking bites of rice to cool down my mouth!

I loved that the vegetables were only lightly steamed; it made for a nice crunch!

For the two of us, this meal cost only $25. And it was delicious. The service was also very good — understated might be the right word. Our waiter, the owner’s son, was quiet but attentive and quick to refill our water glasses. He was also extremely appreciative when Jay opened the door for him as he attempted to carry too many dishes inside at once. His mom, presumably the cook, also took the time to ask us how our meals were when we were finished. It was a really wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go back!



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