Dad’s Birthday.

So, my dad’s birthday was over a month ago now and I never got around to posting about it due to finals stress and present-day posts. But I have the time today so here we are!

He turned (gasp) 49 this year but he’ll always be 32 to me. Once we were on the boardwalk down the beach and there was some fortune teller who could supposedly guess your age. He guessed that my dad was in his early thirties, when he was actually in his mid-forties! Hopefully that’s what I have to look forward to when I get older 🙂

In addition to supplying most of dinner + the cake, I got my dad some Burlap and Bean Coffee, tea cookies from work, a travel mug and a really nice frame from Anthropologie with pictures to supplement!

For dinner, we had the pistachio crusted salmon that Jay and I loved so much. We paired it with sauteed green beans, spinach, shrimp and cherry tomatoes.

Fish detail.

Shrimp detail! Kelly also made pasta but with all that protein + the thought of pending cake, I didn’t have room to spare.

My dad always says, “That meal was great. But it would be even better with some chocolate cake.” So we got my dad the chocolate dream cake from work. Talk about decadence.

So pretty!

Served with strawberries on the side. We also had an ice cream cake for the kids. And since we never have the proper candles in our house, we used 8 x 5 (40) and added that to 6 + 1 + 2 (9) to make 49. Completely illogical, but it worked regardless.

It was a lovely day spent relaxing and hanging out with Dad. 🙂


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