Burgers and Salad.

They may seem like two opposing nutritional forces; one engineered toward the fast-food loving, the other engineered toward those looking to lose weight. Burgers and salads simply go well together in my opinion, and when asked if I would like fries with that? I simply ask for a side salad instead. I get the protein and fat filled goodness of a burger combined with a refreshing, nutrient dense salad base. Here are some ways I’ve switched it up lately with these two simple items:

A huge Black Forest Burger with mushrooms and swiss from Iron Hill, complemented wonderfully by their side salad. I ate the whole salad, but only half the burger!

Last Friday at work, our one day deal was $1 burgers. I decided to go for the six pack of jalapeno cheddar burgers so I could split some with my dad and Jay. For my first burger, I decided to go primal and wrapped it in lettuce:

Topped with tomato and guacamole. I attempted to eat this with my hands but eventually caved and broke out the fork. It was still delicious.

I threw my last jalapeno-cheddar burger on a bed of greens with some fresh tomato, onion and assorted olive bar items. I topped the burger with a bit of shredded cheddar for a nice kick. Delicious and colorful.

Are there any foods you eat together that don’t typically “go together?”


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