Maple Whipped Cream.

Ever since trying out the primal diet, I’ve been in a bit of a dessert rut. What is low in added sugars, gluten/grain free, not greek yogurt or fruit, and also delicious? I found my answer last night, as I racked by brain high and low for an acceptably primal but also widely recognizable dessert.

Strawberries and cream. Maple whipped cream, to be exact. I simply poured one cup of heavy whipping cream into a bowl with one tablespoon of maple syrup and whipped to my heart’s content with an electric mixer. You could also add vanilla extract or cinnamon to the mix, or as I ironically discovered this morning, peanut butter!

I brought this dessert to my grandparents last night, as I needed something quick and easy to prepare that they would (hopefully) enjoy. Of course, I also provided some freshly baked brownie/fruit bars from the bakery at work, but I knew that if I didn’t eat dessert with them that they would try their best to find anything and everything for me to eat. Cookies! Ice cream! Cake! It’s like that, and it’s overwhelming, and so this was my happy medium.

It’s quite a happy medium, I think. So fluffy and delicious and indulgent. The perfect pairing to any fruit, and so much better than that canned stuff.

Do you like fresh whipped cream?



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7 responses to “Maple Whipped Cream.

  1. Fresh whipped cream is divine. Especially on berries. I love strawberry cake with fresh whipped cream, haha

  2. Stinkin’ yum. Love maple syrup – I’m doing it.

  3. Oh,maple whipped cream sounds AMAZING! I love whipped cream,and maple syrup makes everything better. 🙂

  4. yummy 🙂 I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve actually never cared for cream (it makes me really sick) but it looks so good though!!

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