Beet Stem Stirfry.

Ever since I picked up a bunch of beets from the farmer’s market, I’ve been figuring out ways to use the whole plant and not just the beets themselves. So far I’ve made roasted beets with sweet potatoes. I also made a crustless beet greens quiche following my recipe for veggie quiche but subbing the beet greens for spinach. It turned out beautifully.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the remaining greens and stems, so I googled recipes. There are very few recipes that include beet stems, but thankfully Chowhound informed me that they tasted great sauteed in a bit of butter in salt. So that’s what I did…sort of. I couldn’t just stop at butter and salt.

Beet Stem Stirfry:
1/2 bunch beet stems
1/2 bunch beet greens
1/4 red onion
5-10 cremini mushrooms
5 slices Applegate Farms Uncured Pepperoni
freshly ground sea salt and black pepper
butter for sauteing
Shredded Parmigiano Reggiano for topping

1. Chop the beet stems and beet greens into bite sized pieces and set aside. Chop the onion and mushrooms and place in a separate bowl.
2. Heat a frying pan to medium-low heat and add butter and beet greens/stems. Saute for 5-15 minutes, depending on how quickly the beet stems soften. If necessary, add water to the mixture to prevent the greens from sticking/burning on the pan.
3. Once the beet stems are slightly soft, add the mushrooms and onions, sauteing until the onions are slightly transparent. Add a few grins each of salt and pepper. Again, add water if the mixture starts to dry out.
4. As the mushrooms and onions are cooking down, chop the pepperoni slices into sixths. When the onions and mushrooms are slightly transparent, add the pepperoni to the pan and incorporate it throughout the vegetables.
5. Once the pepperoni are heated through, you’re ready to serve. Divide the mixture between two bowls and top with grated Parmigiano.

This combination of ingredients worked surprisingly well together. Of course, if you don’t have any pepperoni on hand you could use virtually any other protein source. I’m just trying to use up my pepperoni! The beet stems provided a nice sweetness to the dish and I would definitely make them like this again.

With this dish, I said goodbye to my rind of parmigiano. So very sad. I worked it till the end. But I’m conversely excited about how many meals this one bunch of beets has provided me with! Out of my beets I got: three servings of beets and sweets, four servings of beet greens quiche, two servings of beet stem stirfry and I still have about half of my beet stems left! Crazy. And yes, my pee has turned bright pink.


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