Lovely Lunch.

I’ve been cooking up a storm today, despite the 100 degree weather. So far on the to do list I’ve made chicken salad and I’ve also started a batch of chicken bone broth using the bones from Wednesday night’s roasted chicken. My last and final food project of the day turned out splendidly in the form of a scrumptious, quick, easy to make lunch.

Sweet potato hash topped with a fried egg! I followed the recipe from Nom Nom Paleo almost exactly. The only differences were that I fried my foods in butter instead of lard and had to hand-grate my sweet potato. It turned out beautifully!

I always thought that making hash browns would be so difficult, but this hash was insanely easy to make and took all of five minutes to cook. If I’d had an onion on hand, I would’ve definitely thrown some in!

Photographed outside and served with water, because after a minute outside I’m already starting to melt! I highly recommend you try this dish, because it couldn’t be easier and it tastes phenomenal. Rarely do I put such little effort into a meal and have it turn out so good.



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6 responses to “Lovely Lunch.

  1. that got me drooling… so delicious.

  2. Wow, those hash browns – i’m so making them!

  3. My Dad once set out to make the ultimate hash brown, involving 6 different trials.
    Best. Experiment. Ever.

    Maybe I can convince him to revisit that- except with sweet potatoes!

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