Farm Fresh Food.

On Saturday morning, I went to the Bryn Mawr Farmer’s Market to stock up on produce and check out all the local vendors. The market is definitely bigger than the Media Farmer’s Market, which is both a good and a bad thing. For instance, they had a ton of produce stands, but there were also more greedy people grabbing what you wanted right before your eyes! I only say this because as I patiently waited in what was the apparent line to grab a few apricots, a man WHO WASN’T IN LINE grabbed the last three pints and dumped them into a plastic bag. I just stared in horror and then promptly left the fruit stand. People can be so rude!

As for my findings, I left with a bunch of butter lettuce, a bunch of radishes, three beautiful red onions, a bulb of garlic, two zucchini, a pint of cherry tomatoes, a jar of raw honey, a block of raw cheese and a carton of pastured eggs. I also stopped by a bakery stand and couldn’t pass up a coconut cupcake to bring to Jay. I settled on a gluten free cornmeal lime zest cookie. Although it was far from paleo, the flavor combination was too exciting to pass up!

So good and so big that I broke off pieces for all my siblings and my parents. Even then, it was more than enough!

Last night’s dinner was super simple and easy, composed mostly of my farmer’s market finds. I chopped up some butter lettuce, onion and radishes and topped the mix with some raw cheese, salt and pepper. I topped it with a bit of homemade walnut-balsamic vinaigrette after the photo because it’s not the prettiest dressing. I had some leftover lemon chicken soup that I thawed from the freezer to go along with the salad.

Bright and beautiful! I love how bright the color of butter lettuce is. In addition to the salad supplies, I also put a dent into my zucchini and egg supply.

Last night I whipped up a batch of coconut flour zucchini-walnut muffins that I adapted from Elana’s Pantry. Instead of chocolate chips, I used the last of my chopped walnuts and added a tablespoon of chia seeds. Instead of grapeseed oil, I used coconut oil and instead of agave nectar, I used honey. I also reduced the amount of sweetener used to 1 tablespoon, as I’m really trying to cut back on my non-fruit sugar intake. These muffins are great when you’re in the mood for something bready…or when your entire family is subsisting on a huge batch of monkey bred and you’re left staring at the unripe fruit basket in misery, wondering why the bananas just won’t ripen. Also, it’s hard to feel bad about a muffin that’s infused with superfoods such as coconut oil, chia seeds, zucchini and eggs.

Although this batch was less sweet and less moist than my last batch (probably due to less honey and the addition of chia seeds), they still taste great and satisfy my cravings for a quick treat. They also pair wonderfully with a bit of raw almond butter, which adds its own natural sweetness!



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8 responses to “Farm Fresh Food.

  1. oh my goodness I am so trying that coconut flour zucchini muffin, I have never made gluten free muffins before!

  2. Eesh, people can be crazy. I guess it just teaches you that you have to get more aggressive 🙂

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