Freezer Fresh.

Happy Wednesday! It’s a beautiful day here — in fact, I just got back from the pool! I even went in the water for a brief twenty minutes, which is something I rarely do. Food for me lately has been full of fresh produce and items from the freezer. Sounds a bit contradictory, hmm?

For breakfast yesterday I made an omelette-esque scramble by sauteing up some chopped red onion and diced Granny Smith apple. The I added two eggs and some raw Fat Cat Cheese. Black coffee on the side, of course.

This stuff is delicious. And local!

Much like Sunday night’s dinner, I’ve been relying on leftover chicken soup from the freezer to add a bit of protein to my lunches. The main star of my midday meal yesterday, however, was this beautiful, super fresh salad composed of butter lettuce, two chopped radishes, a few sliced cherry tomatoes, a bit of onion and half of an avocado, diced. All topped in a homemade walnut-balsamic vinaigrette.

Super fresh!

On Monday night, I made my first ever meatballs. Sun dried tomato and basil meatballs, to be precise. I placed them atop some zucchini pasta that I sauteed with a some onion and mushrooms. I also added a bit of Fat Cat cheese and some Bertolli Vodka sauce, which was too sweet for my taste! I thought it would be good over everything but the combination of cheese, veggies, and sauce was bit too much. Next time I’m sticking with olive oil as my sauce!

The meal did however photograph quite beautifully, so at least that part turned out well. I’ve been snacking on fresh fruit and zucchini muffins lately to tide me over in between meals. Also, I cannot forget ants on a log! I recently bought some raisins and I’ve been lining them atop celery with peanut butter like it’s my job.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!



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9 responses to “Freezer Fresh.

  1. Wow that all does look super fresh. That dinner looks amazing!

  2. I would have never thought of adding an apple to eggs but that sounds amazing. YUMMY

  3. That salad looks great, walnut balsamic??? Yum!

  4. I love how you plated your breakfast because it looks like you are getting a yummy treat. I’m definitely going to have to have an apple in my eggs next time. I saw that on another blog, but I thought that they might just be weird lol

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