Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! I worked all day and haven’t checked out that many burgers since our one day burger deal. Everyone is grilling tonight. As for me? I’ll be dining at the expense of my boyfriend’s parents and don’t have to cook a thing. Thank goodness. I love to cook but after an eight hour shift sometimes all I want is to sit down and pass out and not cook anything at all! Of course, that wasn’t the case yesterday.

For breakfast yesterday, I made a green smoothie in my brand new Vitamix 5200!!! Into the mix went a stalk of kale, some carrot greens, a carrot, plain yogurt, golden flaxseeds, 1/2 a green apple, lemon juice and a bit of ginger. At my work (Whole Foods) this weekend, two guys were demoing the Vitamix 5200 and selling them at our store. The best part? I got to use my employee discount on the Vitamix, which took off a good $100. And what’s actually even better? I didn’t have to pay a thing up front! I literally walked away from the store without paying a single cent. Of course, about $60 will be withdrawn from my next six paychecks to pay for the cost of the machine, but I can’t think of a more reasonable deal for an investment that will last me many years. So far I’ve made several smoothies, homemade mayo and whipped cream. Next on the list: almond butter!

For lunch yesterday, Jay and I visited Coco Thai Bistro in Narberth for the second time. We actually switched entrees from last time; this time he got the green curry and I got the Evil Gaga with beef.

Rice topped with a carrot butterfly! Everything was super delicious and spicy. I cleared my plate even as I felt my face steaming. I considered nixing the rice as per paleo but decided to enjoy the meal in its entirety. It was well worth it, and almost necessary to combat the spiciness of the dish!

In the afternoon I snacked on a ripe nectarine. Nectarines are one of my favorite fruits and I’m so glad they’re finally in season.

For dinner last night I just wanted to keep things simple so I had leftover roasted chicken and carrots atop a bed of spinach.

I roasted the carrots the same way I did a few weeks ago by dousing them in coconut oil with some honey, sea salt, black pepper, cinnamon and cayenne. Seriously, the best carrots ever. I could eat these for dessert.

Throughout the day I chugged this baby. I bought enough bottles to last me the week because our water filter is broken and also because it simply tastes so good. It’s the kind of water that keeps me coming back.

And just for kicks, last Friday Jay and I tried out the new frozen yogurt joint in Media, called Mango’s. I’ve found that since sticking to a mostly primal diet I’ve become bit of a purist in my desserts; I crave the simple flavors. My peanut butter froyo was no exception, and I ended up picking off the Reese’s Pieces because they got in the way of the peanut butter flavor! While frozen yogurt is definitely not paleo or primal or anything, it’s a wonderful summer treat worthy of stock photography, IMHO.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and catch some fireworks!



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11 responses to “Happy Fourth!

  1. Your roasted carrot recipe sounds heavenly! I’ll have to try it out soon. Also, I can guarantee you’ll never look back on your Vitamix purchase – it’s such a versatile machine and so powerful! I was fortunate to get one a couple Christmases ago from my boyfriend. It was the best gift I could’ve asked for, plus something I really wanted. I had been drooling over it for a long time and was so happy when I got it! I use it for so much different stuff. Be careful making nut butter in it though – it can overheat the motor if you’re not careful. I think there’s something about this in the directions or recipe packet it comes with.

    • Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely be careful making nut butter. I have indeed overheated a mini cuisinart processing nuts before. And yes, make the carrots! They’re probably my favorite use for coconut oil, so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Yep … I’m guilty of that too! If you look at the homemade peanut butter recipe in the book the Vitamix comes with, that’s where it mentions precautions and proper instructions. I’ve never used my Vitamix to make nut butter – I always do it in my food processor, working in batches since it’s a mini. Pecan butter is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to try your carrots!

  2. That carrot butterfly is so pretty!
    I never load my froyo down either- I pretty much just put fruit and maybe some chocolate chips ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love roasting carrots, they taste amazing when they are roasted

  4. I’ve been debating whether or not to buy a Vitamix to use instead of my juicer. Sounds like you got a great deal!

    Is Mangos a serve yourself kind of froyo place? It seems like we have new serve yourself froyo opening everywhere.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    • The Vitamix was great deal but I am also soon to receive a juicer…for my birthday! I know you can juice in the Vitamix but I think it requires straining and takes more time to make juice than a juicer does. What I’ve been making so far has been more like smoothie consistency, which is good in its own right for the added fiber that you loose with juice.

      And yes, Mango’s is one of those self serve places. They are opening everywhere. A few years ago you had to go to the city for froyo and now it’s everywhere!

  5. Oh,I love that carrot butterfly,seriously! It’s so pretty…
    And fro-yo is aaaawesome,I’ve had some today as well… With mango! ๐Ÿ™‚

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