From The Weekend.

This weekend was wonderful. It started out with a trip to the farmers market, where I gathered an overabundance of fresh produce.

Organic, farm fresh cherry tomatoes tossed with fresh parsley, basil, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Prepped this way to be slow roasted and tossed over salads, zucchini noodles and more.

After the farmers market I brought Jay a cookie at work and then went home to start getting ready for our evening adventure at the Xponential Music Festival! We went to the show that featured Dr. Dog, The Avett Brothers and Wilco. Jay and I were both so excited and we listened to The Avett Brothers on our way down to the concert.

Happy faces! Although Dr. Dog and Wilco were both lovely, we had the best time dancing and screaming our heads off to The Avett Brothers. They started off with one of my favorite songs, Murder in the City, and also played one of Jay’s favorites — Go to Sleep. It was a great time.

You can’t really tell from this picture, but The Avett Brothers are rocking out less than fifty feet away from us. Jay got us great seats and I could see mostly everything, especially when I stood on my seat!

On Sunday Jay and I bid goodbye around 10 am. He went to see The Dark Knight Rises and I went to my massage! The deep tissue massage was great. My massage therapist was very gentle and accommodating, and she made me feel comfortable despite the fact that I felt a bit out of place. People who go there are generally regulars — I haven’t had a massage there, much less anywhere else in over three years!

I told her that I experience most of my tension in my neck and shoulders and so she worked those areas the entire time. She was able to move and stretch my neck in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Her technique was also different than I expected; instead of jamming her elbow into my shoulders (which is something I ask Jay to do all the time), she used her fingers to slowly slide along a muscle until they arrived at the knot of tension. Then she would hold her fingers there for a little while and finally release them from the knot. It was definitely an eye opening experience.

When I got home from the massage I drank tons of water and then passed out. Massages are essentially a form of passive exercise, so I had no qualms about sleeping midday. After my nap, Megan and I went shopping at Target because we had giftcards from our birthday and then we went to see The Dark Knight Rises at 10 pm! It was a fun filled, busy weekend and I feel like I’ve spent the past two days just winding down from it.

I have the next three days off for vacation, during which I hope to catch up on posts and relax in the sunshine. I’m down the shore right now so it shouldn’t be hard to do!



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7 responses to “From The Weekend.

  1. Ah, I was across the bay from you! It looked like an awesome time, enjoy the shore!

  2. What an eventful weekend! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I’m glad you got a lot out of your massage too. I get deep tissue massages from time-to-time and often have to do a lot of deep breathing to get through it. I can handle really deep work and need it because I’m so active, but man o’ man. I agree that it is definitely like a passive workout! The last massage I had a couple weeks ago actually made me sweat because of how hard she was digging into my muscles … no joke!

  3. gah this makes me want a garden. I love the fresh taste of garden finds.

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