No Vacancy.

In in effort to use up the bone broth sitting in my freezer last week, I got to work on making some mushroom soup! I had cremini mushrooms sitting in my fridge from the farmer’s market, as well as tons of raw cashews that needed to be used. So I googled up mushroom soup and found that Against All Grain’s Cashew Cream of Mushroom Soup fit my needs exactly.

Making the cashew cream was a breeze in my Vitamix. Making the entire batch of soup was pretty easy, to be honest. All I really had to do was whip up the cashew cream, saute the mushrooms and spices together, add the bone broth, and blend. I had soup to last me for days.

Of course, I wouldn’t really recommend eating this soup on a hot summer day outside on the deck. But that’s what I did, and it still tasted good. I served this bowl up with some leftover roasted chicken and topped it with some fresh parsley.

I love that you can blend the soup to your desired consistency. I went for a bit of texture, so the soup had the tiniest bit of chew to it. Dare I say it was almost as good as White Dog Cafe’s wild mushroom soup? This batch was cheaper, at any rate. I think this soup will be perfect in late fall and winter, when I really need something to warm my bones.

On a completely unrelated note, I have finally reached my summertime goal of completely weaning off of my antidepressant. I can’t say that the transition has been seamless. I had a few periods of nausea/dizziness at work today and I also felt very out of it. I literally thought a customer was asking if we sold “budgeries,” and I told her that I didn’t know what they were. Then she held up at battery. Oh. Right. Batteries. Nope, we don’t sell them, but we do recycle them!

Really though, I’ve been feeling a bit on edge and very emotional. Everything I feel just seems to carry more weight. I’ve been playing Death Cab’s “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” on repeat and crying every single time he sings, “If there’s no one beside you / When your soul embarks / Then I’ll follow you into the dark.” It’s just such a sweet, sad line.

I know that it will take some time for my body to adjust to the lack of false serotonin being pumped into my brain, but it’s a bit unsettling to be feeling so consistently down. I wonder if this is just what I’m really like. I wonder what the Celexa really did for me — did it just numb me? I’ve been listening to music and writing so much more these past few days. I feel more productive and just feel more in general. But I also experience more painful emotions, too. Maybe that’s only fair.

It’s only day four of being off my medication so I’ll have to keep track of how I continue to do from here. I really don’t want to go back on medication so hopefully things will start to settle down and even out soon.

And just because:



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4 responses to “No Vacancy.

  1. Going off my antidepressants was a tough transition so I can relate to it. I am glad I am off them though because I had more side effects than I wanted.

  2. I can only imagine how tough of a transition that is, but props to you for embracing it. Hopefully, things will slowly and surely continue to get better. Like I told you before, you’re a strong lady … I can tell! Keep up the good work. Also, your soup looks fabulous!

  3. You are strong,you really are,and I know you will get through this. I know it’s hard,but you will. I believe in you.

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