Well Done.

This morning a nice lump sum was deposited into my checking account and I decided that it was time to go shopping! Jay had to exchange a shirt at Target and I had to go grocery shopping, so off we went. I stocked up on lots of produce, meats, cheeses, and some other expensive items such as Lucini’s Savory Fig Balsamic Vinegar. It’s fifteen dollars but it’s divine.

When I got home, I did lots of other fun stuff like clean the bathroom and write an entire blog post only to have WordPress malfunction and erase the entire thing. Lots of fun. My stomach was also in knots most of the day so I wasn’t feeling to good. And then dinner happened.

I decided to make a grass-fed burger atop a simple salad with some mashed avocado. I was so excited for this meal and after taking photos promptly dug in. I cut the burger in half and discovered that the entire inside of the burger was still raw, bright pink and scary looking. Now, I know quite a few paleo-aligned people enjoy their meat rare and even raw, but I’m not there yet. I like my meat cooked to medium.

Once I got over my horror I picked the meat up off the salad and threw the burger back onto the pan for another five minutes, by which point it was cooked to medium doneness. Truth: I have made burgers maybe once in my life. Truth: I always nag Jay when he overcooks our burgers, even the slightest bit. Now I understand why he’d rather keep those burgers on the grill that extra minute. Now I understand that if he’s taking his time to make me some dinner, I should probably keep my mouth shut.

I’m sure with time and experience I’ll learn just how long to grill or pan fry burgers to perfection. Until then, I will continue to appreciate Jay and his mad grilling skills. Truth: he grilled the most pain in the ass cheese and veggie filled turkey sliders while we were down the beach. Twenty four at once. In the rain.

Truth is, he’s a keeper and I love him.



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6 responses to “Well Done.

  1. I’m definitely a medium gal too and am still figuring out appropriate timing for my desired doneness, so I totally hear ya! Salad looks and sounds yummy though 😉

  2. That salad looks great! Beef + avocado makes every meal

  3. Medium is the way to go, looks delicious!

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