Back to School.

Today is my first day back to school. I’m already done classes for today, as they were three in a row back to back. So far, things have been pretty good. I’m already getting the sense that this semester will be a lot less enjoyable than the last (no English writing courses), but I’m willing to make the best of it. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at school right now because I still have work to get through, which starts at five thirty. My school is about five minutes from work so it would be pointless to go home. Not to mention a total waste of gas.

In approaching the school year, I decided that I would start batch cooking my dinners and breakfasts to make the transition from summer a bit easier. With homework, class and work I will have little time during the week to cook and so I’ll (hopefully) be cooking my breakfasts and dinners for the week every Sunday. What I ate today is essentially what I’ll be eating all week, with variation among sides and snacks.

This week on the breakfast menu is a crust-less mushroom and onion quiche, which will last me four days.

To keep it from getting boring, I’ve been switching up the sides. Yesterday I had quiche with avocado salad; this morning I had quiche and a banana!

For lunch this week, I finally cracked open my can of Bar Harbor Wild Caught Herring Filets in Cracked Pepper and made herring salad for herring salad sandwiches. Yes, I am eating bread again. Every few weeks I’ve decided to indulge in a half loaf of sourdough bread, as I have no gluten intolerance and have found no bad reaction from reintroducing it into my diet. Plus, I really missed toast. Like, a lot. I plan to continue following the paleo principle of consuming a whole foods based diet, but I’ve found that labeling myself as “paleo” is too restrictive for me at this point in time.

Herring salad made with celery, onion, a small pickle, greek yogurt and mustard, topped with fresh sliced tomato. To drink I had some diluted 100% cranberry juice. On the side I enjoyed some fresh cherries and cucumber slices. Yes, I am that girl with the extremely stinky fish sandwich. No, I don’t care.

For dinner this week, I made a huge batch of chili. My phone’s been really weird lately and won’t let me take pictures (it says the storage is too full even though I know I have space left, since I’ve deleted apps and everything), so unfortunately you only get a crap-quality picture of all the ingredients that went into my delicious and extremely spicy chili.

Recipe coming soon!

Have a great Wednesday!



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8 responses to “Back to School.

  1. oh man you are quite a cook. I like your plan of doing it all on Sunday, that will surely help a lot.

  2. Good luck with school! I’ll be going back at the end of September (we’re on quarters out here, so start later) and it’ll be a big transition for me too. I haven’t been in school since I graduated from college over four years ago. I’m going back to get my fitness technology (exercise science) certificate, which should only take about one year. I’m excited and nervous (mostly about having a chaotic schedule) at the same time!

  3. Good luck with school hunnie. Sounds like it’s going well 🙂 Oh & your lunch looks and sounds delicious!!

  4. That quiche looks great! I will have to whip one up the next time my friend brings eggs from her farm.

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