Breakfast on a Saturday.

A Saturday? Yes, that’s right. I’m not working. I’m not at school. I’m off on a Saturday! This has not happened in literally months. So I stayed up extra late last night –just because I could– and slept in extra late, a little too late, this morning. It’s been so nice to get up and not have to rush around. I do have some errands to do today, but first, breakfast.

This morning I served up my last two slices of pain de campagne topped with butter and jam and an egg, slightly scrambled.

I usually just drink my coffee black but when I have heavy cream on hand, especially the quality kind (thank you Trickling Springs!), I use it up in my coffee. Delicious.

How do you prefer your eggs? I like mine scrambled and just set so that they’re not entirely dry. My boyfriend hates semi-wet eggs though and often prefers them fried!

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!




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3 responses to “Breakfast on a Saturday.

  1. I love butter and jam, best combo!

  2. Kat

    I love runny yolks! Therefore,I mostly make soft-boiled or sunny side up eggs… However,when doing the scrambled kind,I like mine really soft. Nothing’s worse than dry eggs in my eyes.

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