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Breakfast on a Saturday.

A Saturday? Yes, that’s right. I’m not working. I’m not at school. I’m off on a Saturday! This has not happened in literally months. So I stayed up extra late last night –just because I could– and slept in extra late, a little too late, this morning. It’s been so nice to get up and not have to rush around. I do have some errands to do today, but first, breakfast.

This morning I served up my last two slices of pain de campagne topped with butter and jam and an egg, slightly scrambled.

I usually just drink my coffee black but when I have heavy cream on hand, especially the quality kind (thank you Trickling Springs!), I use it up in my coffee. Delicious.

How do you prefer your eggs? I like mine scrambled and just set so that they’re not entirely dry. My boyfriend hates semi-wet eggs though and often prefers them fried!

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!




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Breakfast Bowl.

The only thing I knew about my breakfast yesterday was that it would start with this:

A cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew diluted with water and cream. I picked up this jar after reading about Chameleon Coffee in Bon Appetit. Although it’s a little expensive at $6.99 a jar, it’s also delicious. I’ve never really tasted anything other than “coffee” in coffee, but this brew has distinct notes of chocolate in it.

I was a little disappointed when I realized that this jar didn’t have four full servings in it — more like three and a half. I’ll be sure to check the measurement on the bottle for the full four servings next time I purchase this coffee.

As for breakfast, I knew I wanted to use up one of my Lou’s Famous Chicken Apple Sausages, but I was at a loss as to what else to make with it. Enter kale. I had about half a bunch already trimmed, cut and ready for use in the fridge, so I sauteed it with some chopped onion, salt and pepper. Then I added in the sausage, sliced into bite sized pieces, and stirred until the whole dish was warmed through. I topped it with a bit of sour cherry goat cheese.

Delicious, especially considering no forethought was given to this meal. This mix would probably make a good lunch or dinner, too!



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Skinny vs. Delicious.

Today while I was out running errands, I stopped by Starbucks to put the final dent in the gift card that my Grandmom bought me.  Since the sun was beating down and I wanted something immediately drinkable, I went with an iced vanilla latte. Full fat, full sugar.

I tried the skinny version on Monday and could only gulp down a few sips because it tasted so artificial. I ended up passing it off to my stepmom Kelly because I knew she would like it; she only drinks them if they’re “skinny” in the first place.

Today though, with the original version, I gulped down half on the car ride home. It tasted so much better.  I know it’s my eating disorder that demands I order lower-calories drinks in the first place. But if it tastes like sh!t, what’s the point? I’m generally against fat free products in the first place because “fat free” essentially means more processing and more bad things for my body. Additionally, the sugar-free syrup that Starbucks sweetens their drinks with is made with Sucralose, which is 600 times sweeter that natural sugar and has been linked to chlorine toxicity. If it tastes bad and might be bad for my body, why would I choose it again?

How do you do Starbucks?


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Happy 100!

Happy Wednesday! Almond Oats has turned 100 posts old today, yay!

I’m sitting in the library at school in my Capri pants and flats, waiting for the “fog to burn off,” which NPR said it would do thirty minutes ago. Sigh.

Food photography is always there to cheer me up on Wednesdays regardless of the weather, thanks to Jenn!

On Sunday, Jay and I hit our usual spot. We started off with drinks, coffee for me and a grapefruit Mash for him.

Jay got the hummus melt and I tried a sesame bagel with cream cheese. Fresh fruit salad on the side.

Ever since we’ve started getting warmer weather, I’ve been craving salads and smoothies like crazy. I’ve never been one to drink calories, but cold, nearly-frozen smoothies are so appealing lately. To the body, not the eye, mind you. Until I make a smoothie that looks semi-pretty, they will be absent from my blog!

I made a salad on Monday for lunch comprised of romaine, baby carrots, tomato, green pepper, onion and shredded cheddar. Topped with a dollop of hummus.

For dessert, I had two Irish Potatoes, one of which was eaten before I could snap a picture!

I enjoyed this cara cara orange yesterday during my break at work. I love that they’re slightly more tart than your usual orange.

For Monday’s dinner, I defrosted a piece of crab-stuffed flounder from Trader Joe’s and paired it with some sesame-sauteed kale and mushrooms (recipe coming soon!). This dinner was super delicious and easy. It was my first time trying this fish from Trader Joe’s and I would definitely get it again! I can’t attest to it being very healthy (hello mostly cheese stuffing), but perhaps my kale made up for that?

Cold cereal has made it’s way into my dessert routine. I’ve been consuming soggy bowls of raisin bran topped with corn flakes like a champ. It’s funny because I discovered a love of raisin bran in treatment centers. Same goes for cottage cheese, English muffins and peanut butter. I don’t eat these foods religiously like I used to, but they definitely have a place in my heart as safe, comforting foods. What are your comfort foods?


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Coffee Drink Friday.

Since I had off today, and since Jay had lab at 11, we decided to grab a quick breakfast at Seven Stones Cafe. We honestly get the same order every time we go there, but for good reason.

I started off with their La Colombe coffee, black and bubbly.

Jay got a grapefruit MASH, which is almost like a grapefruit soda, but less sweet and a little more natural.

As always, I ordered an apple cherry walnut bagel with cream cheese, and Jay ordered a sesame. It was a lovely Friday breakfast.


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Yesterday, my Mom and I met for coffee at Seven Stones Cafe in Media. It’s definitely one of my favorite haunts in Media for both coffee and food. Although we didn’t plan on meeting for lunch, we were both hungry when we got there. So despite everyone’s best advice, and despite my own inhibitions, we ate lunch together.

I first ordered an espresso because I find coffee too filling during meals. Also, I needed a caffeine boost to alleviate the headache that ibproufen just wouldn’t fix!

Mom ordered lemon tea, and we both marveled at the beautiful weather. We really got lucky this week in terms of sunshine!

For lunch, I ordered the 1/2 and 1/2 with the vegan wrap and corn chowder.

Delicious is an understatement. The vegan wrap was so good, and the corn chowder was too! Mom got the hummus melt and some corn chowder as well.

We left Seven Stones content, and I’m proud to say, symptom free. I know that I took a big risk by grabbing lunch with my Mom, but I feel that it was worth it. You only live once, and living life by chance can sometimes be a very good thing.


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Coffee Drink…Wednesday?

Instead of waiting until Friday, I actually enjoyed my sit down coffee on Wednesday with these goobers:

Heritage Brew for me, lemonade for Kara, and hot chocolate for Mad.

Kara just started kindergarten and she’s having a rough time adjusting. There’s a bunch of new kids, and she’s not used to having alone time after school. For the past two years, she spent nearly every day after school with Jay Jay, a boy her age that Kelly babysat.

Now that I pick Kara up after school, I was supposed to pick up Jay Jay too, until he started crying every day after school and at school. His parents decided that they should take him home after school so that he felt more comfortable, so that the adjustment would be easier, and Kara is very upset without him.

She, five years old, gathered up the courage to call Jay Jay on the phone the other day, and asked if she could come over his house. She asked this because Jay Jay would cry when he came over to our house. Jay Jay’s parents said no, and Kara hung up the phone, holding a straight face until Madison asked, “What did he say? Are you going?”

That’s when the tears started, and she could barely speak, except to utter her embarassment, “I didn’t want to tell Madison what he said!” I grabbed onto her, holding her as tightly as possible. Rejection stings, no matter how old you are.

Seeing her upset like that seriously breaks my heart. I feel her pain as my own. And I know I’m not as cool or fun as someone her age, but I love her so much, from the follicles of my hair to the tips of my toe nails. I squeeze her twenty times a day, much to her chagrin. I speak in voices unknown to the rest of the world, just for her. And even though I have to bribe her to give me a kiss, I still feel honored when she asks me to scratch her back before bed.

That’s why, when her breath settled, and her tears subsided, I decided that we would go out and get a drink. Do something fun. “Would you like a lemonade?” It’s almost a magic phrase.

And although I didn’t fix the problem by any stretch, I did get to see a smile.
That’s more than I could ask for.

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