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Simple Sunday.

It’s been quite a while since my last post. The transition from summer to school is still in progress and it’s left little time or energy on my part to blog. It’s so easy to fall out of the habit of blogging but I don’t want to do that completely. Hopefully as I continue to adjust to this new routine, I’ll be back a bit more. Until then, dinner on a Sunday night.

Caramelized onions (in apple cider vinegar and maple syrup) with a sliced chicken apple sausage and a side of sauerkraut. Simple but still delicious. After a day of homework, it definitely hit the spot.

It’s become so crisp and cool around here lately. I look forward to the changing of flavors that autumn introduces. In fact, soup is on the menu for this week. I’ve been a fiend for soup lately, especially since I had cold last week.

What are your favorite fall foods?



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Freezer Fresh.

Happy Wednesday! It’s a beautiful day here — in fact, I just got back from the pool! I even went in the water for a brief twenty minutes, which is something I rarely do. Food for me lately has been full of fresh produce and items from the freezer. Sounds a bit contradictory, hmm?

For breakfast yesterday I made an omelette-esque scramble by sauteing up some chopped red onion and diced Granny Smith apple. The I added two eggs and some raw Fat Cat Cheese. Black coffee on the side, of course.

This stuff is delicious. And local!

Much like Sunday night’s dinner, I’ve been relying on leftover chicken soup from the freezer to add a bit of protein to my lunches. The main star of my midday meal yesterday, however, was this beautiful, super fresh salad composed of butter lettuce, two chopped radishes, a few sliced cherry tomatoes, a bit of onion and half of an avocado, diced. All topped in a homemade walnut-balsamic vinaigrette.

Super fresh!

On Monday night, I made my first ever meatballs. Sun dried tomato and basil meatballs, to be precise. I placed them atop some zucchini pasta that I sauteed with a some onion and mushrooms. I also added a bit of Fat Cat cheese and some Bertolli Vodka sauce, which was too sweet for my taste! I thought it would be good over everything but the combination of cheese, veggies, and sauce was bit too much. Next time I’m sticking with olive oil as my sauce!

The meal did however photograph quite beautifully, so at least that part turned out well. I’ve been snacking on fresh fruit and zucchini muffins lately to tide me over in between meals. Also, I cannot forget ants on a log! I recently bought some raisins and I’ve been lining them atop celery with peanut butter like it’s my job.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!


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Peanut Butter!

I finally satisfied my peanut butter craving today with some delicious, all-natural Landis Peanut Butter.

I stopped by a local market today after Jay and I went to the park and this was the only brand they had — with good reason. The only ingredients are peanuts and salt and the result is a delectable, creamy peanut butter that beats out my beloved Skippy, the brand on which I was raised.

Stirred and devoured with a squeeze of honey and apple slices.

Although peanut butter is far from paleo, I will be keeping this lovely spread in my diet because it’s worth it to me. I have always enjoyed peanut butter and have no intention of banning it from my diet!


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After work on Saturday, Jay and I went out to dinner at Xilantro in Wayne. We’d stopped by a few months ago to check the place out and finally had time to try it out!

Jay arrived at the restaurant about 15 minutes earlier than I did (wardrobe malfunction) and ordered a margarita. He was only a quarter the way finished when I arrived — he said it was super strong, made of just lime and tequila.

We skipped the appetizers and ordered our entrees straight away. Jay got the chicken fajitas which came with a side of tri-colored rice and mashed black beans.

He loved the addition of onions on top and ate the whole plate, minus the black beans.

I ordered the Camarones Borrachos, which consisted of “large jumbo shrimp butterflied and stuffed with lump crabmeat, wrapped in bacon, sauteed in our special creamy reposado-chipotle sauce.” I was freaking out a bit about which entree was the most “paleo,” but in the end just decided to go with the entree that sounded best to me. It wasn’t worth it to me to sacrifice the enjoyment of the meal due to a self-imposed dietary restriction.

I even ate the rice despite paleo guidelines and enjoyed every carb-laden bite. While the shrimp were wonderfully cooked, they were a bit sweet for my taste. I ate them all regardless! My favorite part was the reposado-chipotle sauce, which I scraped up as best I could with my fork!

I don’t think I’ve ever cleared my plate at a restaurant before, but this meal was definitely plate-scrape worthy. Jay and I were both pleasantly full and completely satisfied after the meal. Despite being on the pricey side, Xilantro is definitely worth a visit. I would definitely go back.


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Dad’s Birthday.

So, my dad’s birthday was over a month ago now and I never got around to posting about it due to finals stress and present-day posts. But I have the time today so here we are!

He turned (gasp) 49 this year but he’ll always be 32 to me. Once we were on the boardwalk down the beach and there was some fortune teller who could supposedly guess your age. He guessed that my dad was in his early thirties, when he was actually in his mid-forties! Hopefully that’s what I have to look forward to when I get older 🙂

In addition to supplying most of dinner + the cake, I got my dad some Burlap and Bean Coffee, tea cookies from work, a travel mug and a really nice frame from Anthropologie with pictures to supplement!

For dinner, we had the pistachio crusted salmon that Jay and I loved so much. We paired it with sauteed green beans, spinach, shrimp and cherry tomatoes.

Fish detail.

Shrimp detail! Kelly also made pasta but with all that protein + the thought of pending cake, I didn’t have room to spare.

My dad always says, “That meal was great. But it would be even better with some chocolate cake.” So we got my dad the chocolate dream cake from work. Talk about decadence.

So pretty!

Served with strawberries on the side. We also had an ice cream cake for the kids. And since we never have the proper candles in our house, we used 8 x 5 (40) and added that to 6 + 1 + 2 (9) to make 49. Completely illogical, but it worked regardless.

It was a lovely day spent relaxing and hanging out with Dad. 🙂

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Dessert First!

I took my last final exam today! So glad that’s over. I can’t wait to wake up late, read, exercise, and blog more. All of those things make me happy and they’ve been in limited supply these past few months due to my school + work schedule. I’ll still be working this summer but without school going on, it should be much easier to manage.

To celebrate finishing exams, I drove into Bryn Mawr right after school to stop by Hope’s Cookies. It’s attached to a Peace A Pizza and when me and Megan were younger, Kelly used to take us there on the last day of the school year as a treat. The best part was always stopping by Hope’s after lunch and getting their chocolate chip frozen yogurt in a pretzel cone. They didn’t have chocolate chip froyo or pretzel cones today, so I settled on a scoop on vanilla froyo in a waffle bowl, topped with walnuts and granola.

Sweet, creamy, crunchy delicious goodness.

They have a bunch of cool artwork along their benches and even inside the shop. It’s a really cute place.

Plus, they have some damn good cookies. I was fortunate enough to try their white chocolate macadamia cookies over the holidays and seriously, you can’t stop at one. They’re that good.

This bowl was happily devoured two hours after breakfast and before lunch without regret. Although the vanilla was great, I highly recommend the chocolate chip froyo and macadamia nut cookies!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have several months worth of posts to catch up on…


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Maple Obsession.

I think we all know that Justin’s Maple Almond Butter is pretty much the best flavored nut-butter out there. Or is that just me? What about maple cupcakes? Do you like them? How about maple yogurt? Or maple syrup and maple almond butter mixed together on top of pancakes? I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE.

The following meals/snacks are a nice reflection of my love for all things maple:

Breakfast has been pretty standard lately.

Fage 2% topped with Michele’s Granola, blueberries, and an entire glorious packet of  maple almond butter.

Ever since Sunday I’ve been trying to eat up all those leftover roasted veggies that I made. On Monday I tried them straight, topped with a bit of shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, which I bought half-price last week for our one day deal at work!

On Tuesday I decided to spice things up a bit with some added Vodka sauce and some more Parmesan. I also enjoyed two unpictured peanut butter stuffed dates for dessert.

It was team member appreciation day at work yesterday, so we all received tickets to get a free cupcake from Dia Doce! They were parked outside and a coworker and I were able to snag some cupcakes before we had to clock in.

I decided to try the Maple Bacon, which is described as “Maple cake studded with bacon, topped with a real maple syrup and bacon frosting.” I know it sounds strange and kinda gross, but I’m already a lover of  bacon in maple syrup, and this cupcake just seemed to speak directly to my maple obsession.

Look at that frosting. Simply amazing. Yes, I ate all of the cake first and saved the frosting for last. It’s better that way. I’ve been so spoiled lately by cupcakes and this one was no exception. Dense and moist cake, topped with rich, melt-in-your-mouth maple based frosting. The bacon flavor was overshadowed by the sweetness of the maple, but I did find some small, chewy pieces of bacon littered throughout the cake. If you ever get the chance to stop by Dia Doce and are not adverse to bacon, BUY THIS CUPCAKE. Your taste buds will be rewarded.

For dinner the past two days, I’ve been incorporating fresh tomatoes as much as possible because they finally have flavor now that summer is on the way. I heated up a frozen goat cheese and veggie pizza Monday night for dinner and prepared a side salad of arugula, tomato, and more Parmigiano-Reggiano. I topped my slice of pizza with more fresh tomato and cheese and dove in. Topping a frozen pizza with fresh toppings really makes a difference.

In addition to an unpictured orange, I also enjoyed this lovely Brown Cow Maple Cream Top yogurt for dessert. This yogurt is one of my favorites because of both flavor and creaminess. If you’re a maple fanatic like me, I highly suggest you try it out!

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.


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